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Point of Use Water Cooler Buying Guide

There are three main components to consider when purchasing a Point of Use Water Cooler: size, filtration and budget.

One key factor is space. POU water dispensers come in either a countertop version or a freestanding version. Countertop Point of Use Water Cooler are designed to sit on top of a counter or table and do not need much space. They usually use a 1 gallon reservoir and can serve up to a 40 person office. Freestanding Point of Use Water Coolers are larger and designed to sit on the floor. The largest units can hold over 6 gallons and serve a busy 70 person office.

The second factor to consider when purchasing a POU water dispenser is whether to filter the water or not, and how much filtration do you need. Since POU water cooler dispensers connect directly to the city water, using no filtration is the same as drinking directly from the sink.

After determining the size and filtration needed for your POU water cooler, cost is the next factor to consider. On the lower end of the price spectrum, a bottled water dispenser with a POU conversion kit can be purchased for nearly $200. Typically, in this price range filtration is not included with the unit. An additional water filtration assembly will need to be installed. How fast the POU unit can heat or cool water and how much it can store will determine the price of the unit. Prices can exceed $700 for higher capacity units with higher levels of filtration.