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Back Bar Coolers

Shop our Back Bar Coolers brought to you by the top brands in refrigeration

Back Bar Coolers store and keep bottles / canned goods at ideal temperatures while keeping them easily accessible. These coolers provide the convenience needed to stock cold items within reaching distance and the constant cool temperature helps make the most of your products. Their space saving designs are available in a variety of styles to fit in with any bar or restaurant decor and may be used to store open products such as creams, juices or garnishes.

Beverage Refrigerators

Our large selection of Beverage Refrigerators are made available to you by the top manufacturers in cold storage

Beverage Refrigerators keep your favorite canned drinks / bottled beverages at an ideal serving temperature. The perfect compliment to any home bar, kitchen, office or other room, this refrigerator is dedicated solely to drinks making beverages easier to find. Beverage Refrigerators will satisfy all of your cooling needs with features including attractive designs, storage flexibility, convenient use and efficient performance. Freestanding or built-in, these units can be placed anywhere there is an outlet.

Built-In Undercounter Refrigerators

Find the perfect Built-In Undercounter Refrigerator without compromising performance

Built-In Undercounter Refrigerators for commercial use are designed to take up minimal space while providing a generous storage capacity and easy access to it's contents. Many built-in undercounter refrigerators may also function as a freestanding unit giving added versatility. These units meet UL, ADA, and NDF standards allowing them to be used in restaurants, coffee shops or even for usage within a medical setting.

Commercial Freezers

Our wide range of Commercial Freezers are ideal for food service and other establishments requiring precise temperature control

Commercial Freezers are made to be durable, versatile and long lasting for all of your business needs. They are essential in keeping food / other items frozen at the proper temperatures preventing bacteria growth while allowing for extending storage times. We offer a wide selection of commercial freezers from the top manufacturers with many available in a variety of sizes or colors to match any decor.

Commercial Refrigerators

Our top brand Commercial Refrigerators are available at very affordable prices without compromising performance

Commercial Refrigerators are made to be durable, versatile and long lasting for all of your foodservice operations / commercial refrigeration needs. They store perishable goods at the proper temperatures making them safe for use reducing the risk of food poisoning and bacteria growth while allowing for extending storage times. We offer a wide selection of commercial freezers from the top manufacturers with many available in a variety of sizes or colors to match any decor.

Counter Height Beverage Refrigerators

Counter Height Beverage Refrigerators may function as a free standing or built-in unit offering maximum versatility

Counter Height Beverage Refrigerators keeps a number of drinks cold at all times within a convenient size making it perfect for commercial or residential indoor / outdoor use. These appliances are best suited for use in food service establishments, house, apartments or any other place where quick and easy access to beverages.

Counter Height Refrigerator Freezers

Counter Height Refrigerator Freezers offer the best of both worlds in one compact unit

Counter Height Refrigerator Freezers feature a compact, versatile design that features both refrigeration and freezing areas. These units may function as either built-in or freestanding units available in a number of different colors providing the ability to match nearly any residential or commercial decor. They offer reliable cooling, energy efficiency and many of them have a variety of different options, customizing your unit to meet your specific needs. We offer a large selection of counter height refrigerator freezers from the top brands at reasonable prices.

Counter Height Refrigerators

Our variety of Counter Height Refrigerators are ideal in areas where space is limited

Counter Height Refrigerators offer reliable cooling while featuring a compact, versatile design allowing them to function as either built-in or freestanding units. Many are available in a number of different colors or options providing the ability to customize your unit and match it to nearly any residential or commercial decor. Shop our large selection of counter height refrigerators available from the top manufacturers at reasonable prices.

Cubed Ice Makers

Keep your beverages cool and never run out of ice with our top of line Cubed Ice Makers

Cubed Ice Makers are the most popular type of stand alone ice makers used commonly by restaurants or fast food establishments. Most cubed ice makers produce full size ice cubes which are ideal for giving beverages a visual appeal melting slower preventing watering down while half size ice cubes pack tighter into glasses leaving less room for liquid. We offer a large selection of top brand cubed ice makers to suit a variety of commercial needs.

Flake Ice Makers

We feature Flake Ice Makers from the top brands in the industry ideal for commercial use

Flake Ice Makers create high quality ice for produce, seafood, meat displays, blended cocktails, salad bars or within the health care industry for therapeutic uses. Flaked ice adds to the visual appeal of a product while maintaining safe food temperatures. Available in a variety of sizes and capacities, these ice makers are capable of meeting a wide range of your flaked icing needs.

Nugget Ice Makers

Our range of Nugget Ice Makers are the perfect solution for your beverage cooling needs

Nugget Ice Makers creates soft, chewable ice that cools quickly maintaining color and flavor retention. Nugget ice easily blends into smoothies / frozen cocktails and enhances carbonated beverages without foaming providing versatility to restaurants, coffee shops and other establishments providing cold beverages. It's consistency also makes it ideal for health care settings because it's safer and more comfortable for patients to chew. Nugget ice makers are available in a variety of sizes and capacities making it the perfect solution to many commercial needs and applications.

Reach-In Freezers

We offer the best in commercial refrigeration with our selection of Reach-In Freezers from the leaders in the industry

Reach-In Freezers feature an NSF approval and are designed to easily store and preserve pre-packaged or opened frozen food items. They vary in size and capacity providing convenience, dependability and versatility to any foodservice establishment. We offer a variety of reach-in freezers from the top manufacturers at reasonable prices.

Reach-In Refrigerators

Reach-In Refrigerators keep contents at the perfect temperature while maintaining easy access to the interior

Reach-In Refrigerators keep perishable goods easily accessible while storing them at the right temperatures for safe use. Commercial reach-in refrigerators are generally more powerful and durable than residential models making them ideal for use within food service establishments. Many of them come with either glass doors making restocking or purchasing decisions easier while solid doors are more energy efficient.

Scotsman Eclipse Ice Makers

The Scotsman Eclipse Ice Maker System is brought to you by one of the most trusted brands in ice making

Scotsman Eclipse Ice Makers are smaller, quieter, energy efficient and more reliable ice machines surpassing others on the market today. The Eclipse's unique 2 piece compressor unit, remote condenser and ice maker allows multiple installation configurations creating the most efficient, flexible and economical ice production system anywhere. With the compressor and condensor on the roof and out of the ice machine, the unit is quiet and easier to service while it's flexible design and narrower profile takes up less space.

If you would like more information on Scotsman Eclipse technology and other ice makers please visit our Scotsman ice maker resource page.

Follow these easy steps to find the ice maker that's right for you.
1. Determine your ice making needs with the ice maker calculators: Cubed Ice | Flake Ice | Nugget Ice
2. Choose the appropriate Ice Maker
3. Choose the corresponding Condenser and Compressor
4. Select additional accessories

Storage & Dispensers

Storage & Dispensers are an essential accessory in maximizing performance of your top of the line ice maker

Ice Storage and Dispensers are an important component of a modular or remote ice maker. Storage bins are not powered but they are insulated so that stored ice will not melt right away while ice dispensers usually are powered keeping ice solid. Choose from a basic bin where ice has to be scooped, a dispenser that does it for you.

Parts & Accessories

Shop our assortment of Parts & Accessories providing the ability to maximize your commercial refrigeration unit

Get all sorts of required Parts and Accessories for your Ice Makers, right here in this category! Here you can find durable quality Storage Bins and Bin Covers in different sizes for different Ice Makers. All these Ice Maker Parts & Accessories are made of fine quality material to last for long period. These are a must buy accessories to make your Ice Makers useful for instant usage. Check out now!