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Medical Freezers

Medical Freezers - Laboratory Freezers - Medical Freezers Accessories

Medical Freezers are an essential and critical piece of equipment in any health care environment to include hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceutical settings. We offer a cost effective, energy efficient solution to your cold storage requirements from the top manufacturers in medical refrigeration. Medical and Laboratory Freezers from -25C to Ultra Low Temperature Freezers at -150C in various different sizes / capacities are available. Contact one of our customer service representatives to assist in selecting the best freezer to suit your specific needs.

Medical Refrigerators

Medical Refrigerators - Laboratory Refrigerators

Medical Refrigerators are a much needed piece of equipment in any health care setting including hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical and scientific institutions. We provide a large assortment of built-in, free standing and ADA approved compliant medical refrigerators from the leading names in the industry. Our selection of refrigerators serve a number of different functions and are available in a variety of temperature ranges, capacities and sizes. Contact one of our customer service representatives for any questions you may have and to assist in selecting the perfect refrigerator to meet your specific needs.

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Portable Fridge Freezers

Shop our selection of Portable Fridge Freezers ideal for applications that require easy transportation of cold items

Portable Medical Freezers are essential in the cold transport of vaccines, blood, samples and other medical items that must be kept at a lower temperature. Our units are perfect for easy portability providing the ability to operate in a car or truck and may feature locks for added security of the freezers contents. We offer a selection of portable medical freezers that provide reliability, versatility and durability from the top brand names you can trust.

Medical Appliance Accessories

Search our wide range of Medical Appliance Accessories to help you get the most out of your equipment

Medical Appliance Accessories are available to customize and to allow you to maximize the capabilities of your medical equipment. We offer door locks for added security, shelving, drawers, temperature recorders and remote monitoring alarms, to name a few, from the top manufacturers in medical appliances bringing your piece of equipment to the next level. Our customer service representatives can assist and answer any questions you may have.