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Cooler Store has Water Coolers for every room. Find a large selection of Bottled Water Cooler Dispensers, Point Of Use Water Coolers and Water Cooler Filter replacements.

Water coolers and dispensers are the perfect option for providing clean, safe and better tasting drinking water. These Water Coolers are convenient and easy to use, and many dispense hot, cold and warm water instantly. Most point of use water dispensers may be bottleless, bottled, counter top, freestanding or undersink and some are portable enough to be moved from room to room. Shop cooler-store.com for all your water cooling and dispensing needs.

3 Temperature Point of Use Water Coolers

Get hot, room temperature and cold water instantly for all your cooking / drinking needs with a 3 temperature point of use water coolers from cooler-store.com. Many of these water coolers are convenient and easy to use with integrated filtration that removes inorganic materials, harmful microorganisms and offensive odors providing the safest, cleanest water possible.

Check out our POU Buying Guide to help you find the right water cooler.

Countertop Point of Use Water Cooler

Countertop point of use water coolers are ideal for small office areas or rooms where space may be limited. These water dispensers are compact and easy to use, most of them connecting to your existing water line while featuring integrated filtration providing safe, clean and great tasting water. These smaller units include many of the same features as a full sized unit, but takes up less space. Contact one of our sales professionals to answer any questions you many have or to help select the cooler that best suits your needs.

Freestanding Point of Use Water Coolers

Point of use water coolers and dispensers offer an efficient alternative to the traditional bottled water cooler. They connect directly to an existing water line, eliminating the need to have water delivered or changing heavy water bottles. Many of our water coolers also include integrated water filtration providing safe, clean and great tasting water that may be used for cooking or drinking. We offer a selection of point of use water coolers from top brands that are available in a variety of sizes and colors depending on your specific spacing or budgetary needs.

Have questions about Point of Use Water Coolers? Check out our POU Water Cooler Buying Guide

Water Cooler Dispensers

Bottled water coolers, countertop or freestanding, are the most traditional types of water coolers. These types of water dispeners are inexpensive, easy to set up and require minimal maintenance. The bottles of water needed for these coolers usually have already been filtered and cleaned providing safe, better tasting drinking or cooking water. We provide a large selection of bottled water coolers by top manufacturers that are available in a variety of different sizes and colors.

Water Cooler Filters

For use with Point of Use Water Coolers and Dispensers, water cooler filters help remove sediment, minerals, microscopic debris and unpleasant odors from city water providing safe, clean and great tasting drinking or cooking water. Manufacturers recommend that water filters be replaced approximately every six months depending on usage and we offer a wide range of filters from the top manufacturers. Contact one of our sales professionals to assist or answer any questions you may have in selecting the correct water filter for your particular unit.

Water Dispenser Accessories

Find a large assortment of water cooler accessories from the top manufacturers to enhance the performance and versatility of your water cooler or dispenser. Cooler-store offers conversion kits, cup holders, bottle covers and much more optimizing the look and performance of your dispenser.

Water Filtration Systems

Water Filtration Systems are designed to produce fresh, better tasting drinking water at a minimal expense. They eliminate impurities, contaminants and unpleasant odors from standard city water providing cleaner drinking and cooking water. These systems generally connect directly to existing water lines, easily installed right under the sink or other counter space and working with existing faucets. Our top quality selection of Water Filtration Systems are available in various different stages depending on your needs and are available from the leading brands in the industry at affordable prices.