In Internet marketing, the term “tweeting” has been tossed around for quite some time. On Twitter, a post, term, or even topic that is mentioned more than others regularly is said to be a trending topic” or just a “tweet”. Trends become popular either due to an occurrence or through a concerted campaign by online users. Examples of trending topics include the recent Apple product releases, celebrity gossip, and the September 11 terrorist attacks. The goal of this article is to discuss what exactly is a trending topic in Internet marketing.


Trending topics are very short pieces of prose that allow users to discover what other people are discussing with a quick scan of the social media platform. To create trending content, you need to identify trending topics in your industry. There are two ways to do this. One, you can research trends in your industry based on industry-related keyword searches; or two, you can use trending tags.

Trending tags are short keywords that identify specific topics in a trending topic. If you search for the keyword “hot dog”, you would find a list of hashtags, which all have varying definitions, including “best hot dog toppings”, “the best way to make a profit”, “food trends of 2021”, and so forth. The purpose of using trending tags is to provide a snapshot of what people are discussing in your industry. If your company sells products associated with pets, you could use “pet friendly” as a trending tag to help find trending content relevant to your customers.

Once you have identified trending topics that are important to your company and your audience, you need to find ways to promote those items. Popularity is good, but when you want to take your business to the next level, you need to ensure that your trending topics are well-known and have a strong presence online. One way to do this is to purchase ad space on popular social media platforms such as Facebook. Another strategy is to create a blog on your website, as well as an account on Twitter and/or Google+.

In addition to searching for trending topics to target, you also need to consider what conversations are happening around those topics. In some cases, you will know that a topic is popular because others are talking about it. For example, if “cell phone accessories” is a popular trending topic in the manufacturing area, you may want to place ads or promotional products around that topic. If your company sells office supplies, consider placing ads on office equipment websites to boost sales.

The key to finding successful trending topics is to find a platform that provides a snapshot of what’s happening in your industry. If you cannot identify trending topics on your own, start by subscribing to several popular and high-traffic platforms to give you a head start. Be sure to try out different strategies to determine which ones work best for you. Try combining trending topics with hashtags in your ads, and be creative!