A Review of the Popular Movie Genres

A movie, also known as a movie script, short movie, feature-length film, or video, is an artistic work of visual art employing motion pictures, dialogue or spoken words to simulate occurrences that convey ideas, stories, impressions, emotions, beauty, or setting. There are many types of movies: from the horror movie to the Hollywood blockbuster. Some movie plots and themes have been borrowed from stories and books; others are completely original.

Film Fours From early days of cinema, there are four main film genres. The earlier ones are costume drama, which depicts the lives of criminals and characters from the films of the time. The plots usually follow a normal pattern of crime, but the medium of expression comes in the form of masquerade balls, burlesque shows, mysteries, moral tales, melodrama and other similar events. In the detective-comedy genre, a story is told about a secret life or happening, and its central conflict is to find who does it and why. In the moral movie genre, plots are usually about conflicts or social evils, but the message often reflects a moral dilemma or concern.

Westerns Action and adventure movies Westerns are among the oldest forms of motion pictures. They are often used to describe events taking place in the wild west. The word “western” is often used as a term of endearment for men. They may be made in many styles. Examples are movies with gun fights, shootouts between cowboys and Indians, bandit movies, and the classic westerns with horses and other western subjects.

Early Films Since the beginning of cinema, the world has seen a number of unique movie genres. Some of them remain popular to this day. These include the mystery, fairy tale, fantasy, science fiction and horror films. These genres often require long, complicated stories that require the audience to ask questions, like deductive reasoning. Mystery films deal with solving crimes, while fantasy films are supposed to be based on foolishness, magic or other eccentricities.

Independent Filmmakers Most of the independent films made by filmmakers with small budgets have been known to have a strange cult following. Mainly they are thrillers, but there are some that have more of a comedic tone. One of the most popular independent films is the Austin Powers franchise. Another of the most popular independent film genres is the vampire film genre.

Commercial Use Film makers use film genres to make movies that are intended for mass audiences. Examples of this are action and war fictions. The majority of movies that fall into this category are either war or adventure thrillers. There are some comedies that have found their way into this niche as well. Movie directors who are skilled at making movies that have wide appeal tend to stick with only one type of genre. This allows them to make more money from their films.