A movie is a story told by moving pictures. It shows real people and places but also has special effects that make it look like the characters are flying or diving or walking on water. Filmmakers work hard to add creative elements to their movies. A movie reviewer’s job is to evaluate those elements and tell how they work in the story.

Movies can be made about any subject, but they often fall into certain genres. Some types of movies are horror, science fiction or romance. Others are family or sports movies. A drama is a type of movie that usually tells a story about people in serious situations. A comedy is a movie that tells stories that are funny or amusing.

When a movie is finished, an editor puts it together to make a story. Then sound engineers record music and voices and put them on the movie. Then the movie is put on special reels and sent to theaters where it plays on a big screen.

The actors in a movie are important to its success. They must be believable and have the skills to portray the parts they are playing. A good actor can make a boring movie exciting. A bad actor can make a great movie seem silly or unbelievable.

Costume design, music and set design are also important to a movie’s success. The costume design should fit the movie’s style. The music should complement the movie and help convey the feeling of the film. The lighting and set design can create different moods in a scene. A well-chosen camera angle can highlight a scene’s importance or detract from it.

A director’s vision is another important factor in a movie’s success. A director who has a uniform vision helps the movie flow smoothly and create suspense. A good example is Alfred Hitchcock’s use of suspense in thrillers like Psycho. A director who does not have a consistent vision may be unable to pull off the entire film.

A reviewer should be careful not to focus on things that are irrelevant to the movie being reviewed. For instance, if a movie is about WWII, a reviewer should avoid mentioning any facts about the war that do not relate to the story being told in the movie. This will distract the reader and take away from the movie’s overall value. A movie should be a unique experience for the viewer. The audience will want to go back to the theater and see the movie again if it is entertaining enough. A poor movie will not be worth a return visit. A good movie will be remembered by the audience and talked about for years to come.