There are several ways to be aware of what’s trending on YouTube. Shira Lazar’s channel, for instance, is a great way to get a glimpse of the most popular videos and personalities. Her aim is to highlight the most interesting content and personalities that are spreading like wildfire on the site.

First, you can use Google Trends to see what people are searching for. Google Trends allows you to search by location and time frame. For example, you can search for “macbook” in the United States or “laptop” in Canada, and see what people are interested in. The data is also useful for journalists, as it shows the interest people have in different topics.

You can also check out Twitter’s trending topics. The site compiles lists of these topics every day. You can also view trending topics by city or country. Twitter users can also personalize these lists by following people from the place where they live. These lists are a valuable tool for marketers trying to reach a certain target audience.

YouTube’s trending tool is a great way to see what’s popular on YouTube. While some of these trends are predictable, there are others that are unexpected. It’s important to note, however, that YouTube’s trending feature doesn’t offer personalized results. The same list of trending videos will be displayed to all viewers in the same language.

Trending can also help you monitor your competitors. A good example is comparing the popularity of Marvel vs. DC Comics. Both companies were huge in 2004, but Marvel comics gained a small edge after 2013 to take the top spot. In this case, the movie Captain Marvel had a slight edge. As a result, Marvel’s popularity soared to the top position, while DC’s was in a relegation.

Another example of a trending song is a mashup of two songs. The Law and Order theme song is being remixed by Jimmy Buffet. The song has an unusual sound, and a sped-up version of Echosmith’s “Cool Kids” makes the song incredibly catchy. The song is becoming a global hit, and is making its way across social media.

If you’re a marketer or brand looking for new ideas to create content, YouTube’s trending page can be a great resource. The site offers a plethora of videos, which you can use in your campaigns. By understanding what’s trending on YouTube, you’ll be better equipped to create the right content for your audience.

Another way to be a part of trending topics is to participate in discussions that relate to the topic. This will create awareness among consumers and help you stay relevant in the eyes of your audience.