In the past few years, Twitter has lost a large chunk of its user base. However, its influence is still very strong. While Twitter doesn’t use any special characters to generate results, it does have a tendency to filter out spammy tweets. Its algorithms are based on the geographical location of the user and the type of trends that are popular worldwide.

If you’re looking to increase your online store’s visibility, there are several ways you can capitalize on trending topics. You can also partner with micro-influencers on social media. The key is to focus on visual platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. These platforms are ideal for home improvement sales, as they allow you to promote your product through a series of photos.

Another way to take advantage of trending topics is to participate in the conversations. This will help you connect with potential customers and show your empathy for human beings. Make sure your content is relevant to the topic at hand, as posting irrelevant content can confuse and irritate viewers.

Using hashtags can help you reach a wider audience and increase your visibility. Hashtags are short, simple keywords that are used to identify trends on social media. Each tag links directly to the trending topic, expanding your potential audience.

Several websites have their own pages dedicated to trending topics. Facebook, for example, displays trends in real time, and you can customize them. Besides the general “Top Trends” page, there are five categories: national tragedies, religious unrest, political disagreements, national crazes, and sports. Users can choose to hide a particular category, and a small X appears when you hover over the topic.

For Twitter, you can use the mobile app or a desktop version to find trends. The algorithm is based on the user’s location, the type of trends that are popular, and the number of followers of each account. Getting into the list of trends is an important tool to reach your target market, but you’ll have to pay to access it.

To find the right trending topics for your business, it’s important to know what types of topics are most likely to attract traffic. Keep in mind that fads and crazes are often irrational and expensive. Instead, try to stick to industry-relevant content.

For instance, men’s shoes have become a popular trend over the years. The search volume for this product has steadily increased. During the off-season, however, shoes have a surge in popularity. Whether you’re looking to sell shoes, dog toys, or even sweeping machines, this is a good opportunity to make a splash on the internet.

Similarly, if you’re selling a stuffed toy, you can take advantage of TikTok ads. These can be videos, images, or even carousels. Most advertisers include the brand name and product in the ad, and they typically last from 5 to 60 seconds.

Lastly, you can also utilize Google Ads to target high-intent buyers. You can create an ad centered around the product you’re selling, and promote it through micro-influencers on social media.