Getting into the list of trending topics can be a valuable tool for small businesses to increase awareness of their brand. But it’s not always easy, especially if you’re not an expert in the social media industry. To avoid any unintended consequences, it’s important to understand what trending topics are and how they work. Fortunately, there are a few tools that can help you determine which topics are the most popular.

Google Trends is a tool that tracks search trends across the globe. The data is broken down by categories and dates, so you can see what topics are trending in different parts of the world. It also provides tutorials on how to interpret the data. You can also use Google Trends to track trending business ideas, and it is also useful for investors.

You can also check out Twitter’s trending topics, which can be accessed through a mobile app. The algorithm is based on the user’s location, and you can change your location to see trending topics from a different location. It’s important to note that Twitter filters out spammy tweets and discourages adding unrelated hashtags to your posts.

The list of trending topics is shown on the desktop version of Twitter in several areas. Users can access it through the Explore page, and clicking on one will take you to a page that shows the most popular tags for that topic. The list is updated roughly every 15 minutes, and videos may move up or down in the list.

Trending topics are also available in Facebook’s News Feed. These topics are personalized based on the user’s location, social behavior, and social connections. They appear in the upper right corner of the news feed. Facebook also offers categories for other topics. You can also customize your own trending topics, which will show up in the upper right corner of your news feed.

Trending topics can also be found in other social media sites, including Instagram. It’s important to note that Instagram Stories are also considered to be trending content, although they’re short-lived and disappear after 24 hours.

You can also check out Buzzsumo, which is one of the most effective tools for identifying viral content. This platform has expanded into video content discovery, as well as Q&A content discovery. It also offers paid features and collaboration options. It’s also a useful tool for journalists, who can use the data to explore story ideas.

You can also check out Trendhunter, which offers a variety of trend data. Trendhunter also offers events and custom research. Trendhunter can help you detect trends in articles and blog posts, or you can hire them to conduct research on your behalf. Trendhunter also offers public speaking services.

You can also check out YouTube Trending. This tool displays a list of trending videos to viewers in a specific country. The videos may move up or down in the list, and will show up in the same language as the country. However, YouTube Trending does not display personalized results.