A trailer is a short video that introduces a film, television show, or other project. It communicates the story, production value, and tone in less than three minutes. It’s an important part of the marketing process because it can be a great way to get people’s attention.

The best movie trailers don’t give away too much information about the story. Instead, they introduce the main characters and set up a central conflict that leaves audiences craving more. This makes the trailer feel like an extension of the film and a chance to create empathy for the characters.

1. Choose the Right Music

The music in a trailer plays a huge role in setting the mood and emotion of the film. Whether you are creating an original trailer or using stock music, you should ensure that the music is evocative and matches the tone of the film.

2. Use Sound Effects and Quick Cuts

Another effective way to make a trailer is to include sound effects and quick cuts to show action or transition scenes. You can also use editing techniques such as fades and syncs to control the pace.

3. Include Cliffhangers, Stingers, and Resolutions

To make a trailer that can be both compelling and successful, it needs to end on a cliffhanger or stinger that leaves the viewer hanging and wanting more. This type of cliffhanger can also help to build interest in the rest of the film or TV show, as it lets audiences know what they will be missing if they don’t watch the full-length version.

4. Revise the script regularly to ensure the story ties together and uses the correct tone

Writing is one of the most important aspects of creating a good trailer, so don’t be afraid to revise your script several times. This will allow you to make sure that your narrative ties together and uses the proper tone without giving too much away.

5. Use the Correct Camera Angles and Focusing

When creating a trailer, it’s important to make sure that you are using the correct camera angles and focus settings to produce a professional looking film. The wrong camera angle or focus can have a serious impact on the overall quality of your trailer.

6. Select The Right Scenes

When choosing the best scenes to include in your trailer, it’s important to keep in mind that you want them to have a high visual impact and be emotionally compelling. This means that you need to be creative when selecting the best shots.

7. Adapt the 3-Act Structure for Your Trailer

The 3-act structure is the standard in filmmaking and it’s important to remember when you are creating a trailer for your project. It will be easier to tell the story of your film if you have it nailed down before you start shooting. This will make it easier to edit the trailer and get it to the right length so that it is effective.