One of the best ways to promote your business on social media is to follow what’s trending. In social media, the key is to be reactive, and that means being “in the moment.” Instead of releasing content weeks in advance, you want to respond to the latest buzz and give your brand a personal voice. This way, you can better connect with your audience.

For example, one of the most popular products today is a smart water bottle. These products help people stay hydrated and are gaining popularity among the sustainability community. These items have a high search volume on Google and are being promoted by various influencers in the field. Another great way to advertise a product is to target a niche, such as a parenting community.

Another way to promote a product is to create a social media campaign around it. Social media users love to talk about products and services, and these platforms have become the place to discuss them. You can also use hashtags to find trending products. You can also use a Pinterest search bar to identify hot topics and find communities focused on specific niches.

Trending topics can be anything from celebrities to sports. Trending topics are a great way to engage in meaningful conversations online and create interesting marketing content. Some platforms even provide a trending section where you can filter the topics that interest you. Twitter, for example, tracks hashtag usage and labels these topics as trending. Similarly, Facebook uses the “trending” feature to display popular topics. This feature is not only useful for keeping up with current events, but also for understanding customer conversations on social media.

YouTube is another excellent resource for finding popular topics. Its trending feature is an excellent tool for journalists. It shows what people are searching for on a global scale. Moreover, journalists can use this data to explore story ideas and illustrate the level of interest in certain topics. Besides being a great resource for journalists, Google Trends is also a powerful tool for entrepreneurs.

The most popular niches for ecommerce stores are those related to home improvement. The cabinet hardware market is expected to reach $14.2 billion by 2029. Another great niche to consider is the baby-shirt trend, which is popular among new parents. You can make money from this trend by selling birth-flower-themed items online.

When using trending topics, be sensitive and considerate. It is also important to note that Twitter has strict rules against trend abuse, and violating these rules can lead to account suspension. As a small business owner, it is important to be aware of these rules in order to maximize your chances of getting noticed by your target audience.

Another popular trend is a mashup of the brain and heart. This can be done by combining a heart emoji with a heart emoji. Alternatively, you can write your heart’s message in the heart emoji. The evergreen sound has also been making rounds on TikTok. It’s relatively easy to make, and most videos will pair it with a lengthy blurb of text.