When a hashtag or topic receives more attention than others, it’s called a trend. When a trend reaches a certain threshold, it will appear on the ‘trending’ list of social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. This means that the trend will become highly visible to a wide audience, which can lead to increased engagement for your posts.

The reason trends are so popular is because they can change how we interact with each other and what products and services people buy. In the past, trends were dictated by magazines and celebrities; nowadays influencers and social creators are able to direct consumers’ needs and desires. As a result, many people follow trends in order to fit in with the crowd and be seen as part of a certain culture or scene.

However, it’s important to remember that trends can also be short-lived and disappear as quickly as they appeared. The popularity of a trend depends on its longevity. Whether it’s a meme, viral video, or catchphrase, trends have a tendency to come and go.

While some trends will last longer than others, the majority of them go through a similar cycle. They start off with influencers and social creators wearing a specific product or style (or filming themselves doing so), which then becomes aspirational for the wider public. As a result, mass markets and retail stores begin producing or stocking the product to meet consumer demand. This is how fads and fashion trends are born; once they reach a critical mass, they will either peak or fade.

Keeping up with trending searches on YouTube can help you plan and create content that’s more likely to be viewed. For example, if your channel is dedicated to a niche like remote work software, posting videos that align with these trends can bring in new viewers and help you rank higher on the ‘trending’ tab.

YouTube also has a ‘trending’ section that displays the most popular topics for your local area. While this isn’t as popular as the ‘what’s hot’ page, it can still help you gain visibility amongst your target audience.

YouTube’s algorithms determine which videos appear on the trending page, so it can be challenging for a small brand to get on there. That’s why it’s important to create content that aligns with the latest trends and is able to grab people’s attention right away.