Trending used to be a term that described the rapid increase in the amount of attention or interest of the general public. However, social media has changed the definition of the term and given it a completely different meaning. Nowadays, trending topics are usually a combination of hot news, popular conversations and shared views. Keeping up with the latest trends can be a valuable business tool. Here are three ways to stay on top of current trends:

BuzzSumo is the gold standard for trending content. While BuzzSumo is very popular, the content you find will likely be similar to what other people have already published. So if you’re trying to break into the trending content space, you’re likely to be competing with other people. Here are 16 tools to use to keep yourself abreast of the latest trends. One of these tools is the most popular. Buzzsumo can help you identify the most popular trending content, as well as show you who’s leading the pack and which people are opposing them. BuzzSumo is free to use, but you can pay to access premium features, such as collaboration, which allow you to follow trending content on an ongoing basis.

Search engines like Google have a tool called Trends that compiles user searches into lists and displays them. You can search by region, topic or period of time, and browse trending topics globally. These lists will reflect what people are searching for and what they’re curious about. YouTube, the second largest search engine in the U.S., also shows trending topics based on search volume. If you want to find the hottest topics and see what people are talking about, use these resources and get involved!

The best way to participate in trending conversations is to post on relevant topics. For example, posting about the Met Gala dress may be trending, but that doesn’t mean that you should post inappropriately. Be respectful of human beings and the victims, but don’t let your brand come across as offensive. Participating in trending conversations increases the brand’s visibility with consumers and makes it relevant to the conversation. So what are some of the best ways to participate in trending discussions?

Stuffed toys are another popular item on Google Trends. Since stuffed toys are such a common purchase, they can be marketed through micro-influencers and influencers. This can result in tens of thousands of sales for eCommerce stores. And don’t forget about stuffed toys – they’re a great way to reach millennials. For more information on how to promote a trending product, check out the list below.

Hair removal products are another popular way to market a product. If you know the right people who will buy it, you can easily capitalize on this trend and become successful in the process. It’s a popular way to address a common beauty problem and get exposure on the Internet. Try dropshipping for a small number of units and build a brand around that. You’ll be surprised at how fast these products can grow in popularity!