Trending is the term given to keywords or topics that are popular on a social media platform like Twitter, TikTok or Instagram. Generally, they appear on the site’s Trending page or in its Explore or Search area. The trends are determined by algorithms that observe the popularity of keywords or topics and then deem them to be a trending topic when there is a noticeable spike in their popularity over time. This spike could be due to a news event, a viral video or just something going around in general that is exciting.

Using trending can help marketers find the right audience and know what to create content about. However, it is important to keep in mind that trends can be manipulated and some may not be accurate. While some trends are short-lived, others like fashion fads or celebrity gossip can last for months, even years.

If your business wants to use trending for marketing, it is important to understand how the algorithm works and what is and isn’t allowed. Twitter for instance has rules in place to prevent “trend abuse” that can lead to account suspensions. They also don’t allow the adding of unrelated words or hashtags in a bid to increase trend visibility.

Creating a successful campaign that uses trending will require a lot of planning and preparation. First, the business must identify which keywords and topics to target. Then, they must find out what kind of content will be needed to make the campaign stand out amongst the competition. This can be done by conducting a competitor analysis and by looking at the top trending topics to see what kind of posts are getting the most engagement.

For example, a popular trend for the month of January was #MotivationMonday and #TransformationTuesday. This was a good opportunity for businesses to post encouraging and inspirational content to their followers. It is also possible to predict what will be trending in the future by looking at recurring hashtags or holidays.

YouTube’s Trending page shows videos that are being talked about the most. This can be a great way to find new viewers and increase your video views. To do this, it is best to produce videos that are useful, informative or entertaining so that they are more likely to be shared.

Another important aspect of using trending is to not be overly promotional or pushy. This can draw the attention of the users and cause them to avoid the advertisement. It is advisable to only promote products or services that are relevant to the trending topic.

Keeping an eye on trending can be beneficial for all businesses, regardless of industry or size. The most successful marketers are constantly searching for new ways to reach the right people and get their message heard. Whether it’s through an interesting campaign, a well-targeted Facebook ad or simply by listening to what their customers are telling them they want to hear about, the key is knowing how to use trends for marketing.