Trending is the term used to describe a topic or keyword that has been on the rise in terms of volume and interest. It is most often seen on social media platforms, but it can also appear in search results.

It’s important to know how to use trends effectively to grow your business. By knowing what topics are currently popular, you can create content that will help drive engagement with your audience.

Google Trends lets you find the most popular keywords and phrases in a given time period. You can see search volume, as well as other data visualizations to help you understand what’s trending. The tool can be a helpful resource for marketing and PR professionals.

Buzzsumo has long been one of the most popular tools for finding viral content, but it now includes additional areas of discovery that span across video and Q&A websites, as well. This can help you identify the most trending content within your vertical.

YouTube uses an algorithm to determine which videos will show up in its trending section, based on views and other factors. Some people believe this is primarily a matter of how much lifetime views a video has received, but it’s actually more complex than that.

The algorithm looks at the volume of the content and how long it takes for it to accumulate. If it gains a large amount of volume in a day, for example, it will be considered a trending topic. On the other hand, if it takes 30 days for a piece of content to gain the necessary amount of traction, it will not be a trending topic.

Twitter, however, has a different algorithm that favors spikes rather than gradual sustained growth. This can make it difficult for content creators to get their work onto the Trending page, but it’s important to know how to game it.

Using trending hashtags is a great way to boost your content’s reach. The more hashtags you use, the higher your chances of becoming visible to a wide audience that wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to your content.

A word of caution: While hashtags can be a powerful tool, they’re also susceptible to gaming and fraud. If someone has used the same hashtag many times, or is posting content under a different name, it could be easy for them to artificially inflate their view count and get a high trend score.

For this reason, it’s crucial to give your followers clear directions on how to use a particular hashtag and when you’d like it to start trending. This can ensure you don’t lose the momentum once it starts to pick up steam.

You can also give your followers an idea of what the trend is by providing some sample messages to help them grease the creative engine. This helps them to post more creatively, and it can also help them to feel more invested in the campaign.

Once your topic has accumulated enough volume, it can be used as an advertising platform to promote your brand and products. You can create ads on social media, including Facebook and Google Adwords, or you can use it to increase traffic and sales via email campaigns and direct mail. The more targeted your ads are, the better chance you have of landing some sales.