One of the best places to look for trending topics is on social media. Many people are more likely to interact with content that is popular. Using trends can help you reach a larger audience and increase your online store’s exposure. But it is important to use these trends wisely. A few things to keep in mind include making sure your posts relate to the topic and using feedback to adjust your social media strategy.

Trends often revolve around popular cultural events or national tragedies. For example, the Bottle Cap Challenge in 2019 swept Twitter and other social media platforms. This challenge required users to unscrew a bottle cap in an unconventional way. Similarly, the Mannequin Challenge went viral last year.

Some websites have dedicated pages for trending topics, which can make it easier to discover what’s popular. Some of these sites are Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Facebook. You can find these sites in your search results, or you can browse them directly.

Social media platforms are also great for tracking the popularity of products. For example, you can see what’s trending on Twitter and Facebook by visiting the “Trends” section on your account’s dashboard. By looking at this page, you can identify trends based on user activity and user location.

Most social media platforms tailor their trending topics based on the interests of their users. For instance, Facebook’s trending topics are personalized based on your location and the social behavior of your followers. Likewise, Twitter’s algorithms are based on user location, followers, and tweets.

While there’s no set rule for what to write about, some of the more popular trends include political disagreements, religious unrest, and domestic violence. Generally, the shelf life of a trend is one day to a week. However, the more influential people you can connect with, the more likely your brand is to be featured in a trending discussion.

Using Twitter and Facebook to create posts that pertain to a trending topic can be a great way to promote your brand. It’s important to keep in mind that the algorithm is designed to favor novelty over number. Therefore, you may not want to add an unrelated hashtag to a post, as that could confuse your viewers. Instead, use an industry-relevant hashtag.

When you see a trending topic in your feed, click on it. Depending on the site, you may see a small X, a lightning bolt, or another symbol. Once you’ve clicked on the topic, you’ll be taken to a search page with relevant Twitter or Facebook searches. In some cases, you can choose a specific area of the country or world to see which trends are currently active in your geographic location.

If you’re looking to promote your products, you can use Google Ads and social media ads to target high-intent buyers. Alternatively, you can research popular hashtags on Twitter or Instagram. As mentioned above, you can also research the popular keywords on Pinterest.