A movie is a video presentation that can be seen in a theater or on a television. The movie industry has come a long way since its glory days in the 1940s, when people would line up at the theater to see a newsreel, short subject and cartoon before watching the main feature film or “feature.” Today, a film is more than entertainment; it attempts to explore ideas and themes that will emotionally engage the audience. A movie, on the other hand, is a commercialized product that is designed to give the audience exactly what they want.

Writers should keep in mind the audiences they are writing for. The tone and style of the review should reflect this. Knowing the target readership will help you determine what elements to focus on in your writing. For example, if you are writing for a sci-fi website, you will likely want to focus on the movie’s genre and how it meets or exceeds expectations.

The movie’s story: Describe how the movie’s plot is developed and what the main theme is. You should also note how the movie relates to the real world and what messages it may convey. You might want to include the film’s genre and how it fits into that category, as well as any controversies or social issues it may raise.

Cinematography: Consider the use of camera work, lighting and colors in the movie. This will provide clues as to how the director intended the film to be interpreted by the viewer.

Actors: The actors carry the film and are a large part of what makes it good or bad. Note whether the acting feels natural or contrived, and if the actors have the ability to draw the audience into their roles.

Director: Perform a background search on the director of the movie. Consider his or her career and influences, as well as if the film has any controversies associated with it. You should also comment on the director’s previous works and how the style of this particular film compares to other movies he or she has made.

Special Effects: Take a close look at the movie’s special effects. Consider how realistic they are and whether or not the effects enhance or detract from the overall film experience.

Whether you like action, romance or sci-fi, these films will keep you on the edge of your seat. From an epic space battle to a tear-jerking love story, they will leave you with lasting memories. Featuring iconic scares and big laughs, these movies are destined to become household names. From the blockbuster CGI of Jurassic Park to the time-travelling thrills of Predestination, these films will keep you coming back for more.