A movie is a film that is produced for the purpose of entertainment. It is made by a director, who makes decisions regarding the content, cinematography and writing. These decisions influence the film’s form and affect its overall impact.

A good film will tell you something about yourself and how you feel in the world. It will also make you think about certain themes and morals that are important to you. For example, The Godfather is about family loyalty and the ways in which power can warp a person’s character. It also examines the way people respond to adversity, whether it be physical or mental.

Theme: It’s the most important thing to remember about movies – no matter how well they’re directed, how brilliant they are in acting, or how stunning their visuals are, it will be the theme that sticks with you the longest. For example, The Godfather may have the best acting in the world, but it is the theme of family loyalty and the attraction of power that will be the most memorable part of the film for many.

It will also make you re-watch the movie to ensure you understand what you’ve seen and why you felt that way about it. It can be difficult to write about a theme without getting too deep into it, so try and focus your analysis on the most significant elements of the film’s story.

Your film review should have a clear introduction and analysis section. This is where you explain the main ideas of the film, highlighting the most interesting parts and providing your opinion on how it was made. This is the most important section, because it will set the tone for the rest of your paper and make sure that your readers understand what they’re about to read.

Your essay should be written in a professional style, using specifics to back up your criticism. This helps your readers relate to what you say and understand why you wrote it the way you did.