A movie is a moving picture that is used to tell a story or entertain people. It can also be educational. Some movies make people laugh, cry or feel afraid. Movies are often made by big film companies. They can be based on real events or fantasy. Film makers can also use a lot of special effects to make the pictures look more realistic.

A lot of movies have a happy ending, which means that all the problems in the plot (story) are figured out or fixed and almost everyone lives happily ever after. Movies that are very popular and make a lot of money are called blockbuster movies. They usually have famous actors or actresses in them and they can cost a lot to produce.

The other type of movie is an independent or art movie. These movies are not made by big movie companies and they can be very cheap to make. These movies often tell stories that are not very familiar to the audience and they might be different from other movies. They are often not a lot of fun to watch, but they can be interesting to people that like unusual or strange stories. They can become ‘cult’ movies, which mean that they have a very large group of fans.

When you write a movie review, start by telling what the movie was about and how you liked it. Then give some background information about the movie. This includes the time and place it was set in, whether it was a comedy, drama, action or romance. You might want to say how you thought the acting was and if there were any good or bad parts in it. You might also mention any special effects or how beautiful the cinematography was.

Next you might want to talk about the characters in the movie and why you liked or disliked them. This is especially important if the movie has any well-known actors in it. You might want to mention any awards that the actor or actress has won. You could also discuss how the character fit into the plot and whether or not it was believable.

Finally, you might want to talk about the music or score in the movie and how it worked with the scenes. You might also want to discuss how it made you feel and if the soundtrack was catchy or not.

One of the best movies ever made is The Godfather Part II. This sequel to the original movie is about Michael Corleone’s (Al Pacino) rise to power. It’s a funny, clever and very powerful movie that has a huge impact on American culture.