How Trending Twitter Can Help Your Business

For most marketers and online businesses, the term trending is a key indicator of the current interest levels in a niche topic, brand, product, etc. The topic in question becomes popular overnight. On Twitter, a single word, short phrase, or even topic is said to be “trending” or “viral” depending on its pace and popularity over a short period of time. Trending topics get especially popular either due to an event which triggers folks to discuss a certain topic or due to more general public awareness of the topic.

Some examples of trending topics include the following: “The Best Fitness Gear,” “How to Get Fit Quickly,” “The Biggest Loser,” “The newest band on Facebook,” “The Fastest Growing Pop Songs,” etc. These topics are just a few examples of the hundreds that are constantly being discussed in social media. These discussions and trending habits have proven valuable for brands in a number of different ways. Trending allows companies to better monitor consumer behavior and understand where their audience is at with their products. It also enables businesses to know what their demographic is looking for in terms of their product offerings.

The advent of hash-tags and trending topics has made it much easier for businesses to reach their audience. Hash-tags or short terms or long ones are an easy way for people to easily remember the name of a brand or a trending topic or keyword. Brands can then take the name/tweet and use it as part of a keyword search on major search engines such as Twitter. This search will bring up mentions and direct conversations about the brand.

In order to take advantage of the trending conversations that are already in-place, online businesses need to pay attention to any hashtags or tweets about their products that seem to peak their interest. Some businesses have even created their own trending topic and base their product promotion around it. Others have bought trending topics and made them available on their websites. There are a variety of ways for brands to make themselves included in the conversations happening around certain trending topics.

One of the most important things to remember about using trending topics for marketing purposes is that a company must adopt the correct strategy to see the full effect of this tool. Brands should not fall prey to the pitfalls of keyword stuffing or trying to use a huge amount of keywords. Instead, they should try to incorporate a healthy balance of keywords in a natural way that makes sense within the context of the actual content and conversation on the topic. When using hashtags for SEO, it’s also important to remember that each tweet will be seen on Twitter in its own way and the effort will need to be properly worded in order to be considered by Twitter users.

The best thing for businesses to do going into this process is to simply be aware of the trends that may be shaping the direction of the conversations taking place on the Internet. Once they become well-known, trending topics can help turn businesses into household names. Once the general public picks up on a trending topic, it will become much easier for customers to seek out and consume information about the trend. When trending topics become an important part of any marketing campaign, businesses can find a lot of success through the use of trending Twitter.