A trailer is a short film that precedes a feature-length movie. It is usually shown on a television or in a movie theater prior to the main film and serves as an advertisement for it. Often, movie trailers also contain some scenes from the actual movie itself. Filmmakers have long used trailers to promote their movies and to create buzz about them. A good movie trailer is able to explain the story of the film in an interesting way and engage audiences. Creating a movie trailer requires a lot of preparation. This includes breaking down the script and tracking important footage. It is also necessary to know what type of audience the trailer will target.

Unlike films, which are generally shot on a large format, most movie trailers are shot on a smaller format, such as digital video or 35 mm. They are then edited in a computer and converted to a DVD or other digital file for distribution. Using a digital editing system like iMovie or Final Cut Pro can help a filmmaker create a movie trailer quickly and efficiently. A good movie trailer can help a film project get financed. It can also help people decide whether or not to go see a particular film. It can also make a film more memorable to viewers.

When making a movie trailer, it is important to not give too much away about the film’s plot. If a viewer knows what is going to happen in the film, he or she will not be as interested in seeing it. This can be a problem if the film is a thriller, for example. A film crew may want to include shots of the key locations in the story and a few high energy action sequences.

Many movie trailers include a cast run, which is a list of the actors that appear in the film. This is especially common for blockbuster films that feature a star who is well known to the public. A movie trailer may also include a list of the director and producer. The cast run and the director and producer names are typically listed in a format called a “billing block,” which is also included on the film’s poster and print publicity.

Some trailers include music that is not part of the movie’s soundtrack. This can be an artistic choice, or it may be a way to make the film trailer stand out from other similar ones. In addition, it is common for a movie to have a different composer than the one who did the score for the film trailer.

Creating a movie trailer is challenging because it must be able to communicate the story of a film in a short amount of time. It is also challenging to engage the audience and make them want to see the full film. A good movie trailer uses the same storytelling techniques that engage audiences in films and television shows.