A movie, also known as a movie prop, visualized movie, moving picture or short film, is an artistic work of artistic visual art used to portray various experiences, thoughts, emotions, beauty, or setting through the utilisation of moving pictures. The term’moviemaker’ comes from the French word’moviel’ which means’motion picture’. Motion pictures were invented by German film pioneer J.G. Groccoli and began appearing in the late 1800s in London’s West End. The term has come to mean any movie, short film or stage play created by somebody other than the director.


World War II changed the face of films for the better and within a short time movies shot during this era had achieved classic status. The Second World War had a profound effect on the type of plots, themes, styles and language utilized in movies. Theme themes such as melodrama, romance, adventure, action and patriotic sentiment were all used in demo slot pragmatic this period. The war also sparked a revolution in the type of mediums acceptable to cinemas namely TV and movies.

Following the end of World War II, a new kind of theme started to emerge namely the ‘apistory genre’. The first movies to adopt this theme were Londonements, a version of the Sherlock Holmes tales, and Erle-Hazard, which is set in a fictional French town. The Londonements and Erle-Hazard are two examples of theapy motifs and both these movies followed the rules laid down by the IRE (International Film Examiner) who chose a film based on the accepted format of six minutes for a conventional feature. Since then the rules for the genre have remained the same with IRE approving a maximum of one brief story within a restricted time period.

Another successful theme for movies was the outer space adventure. Movies such as Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Apollo 13, Moon, Jupiter Ascending, The Wrath of Khan etc were some of the first to highlight the greatness of outer space and how humans could use it to their advantage. Similarly space adventures became very popular amongst science fiction movies like Star trek, Star Wars and Mission Impossible. In fact, outer space movies were so successful that they inspired movies like Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Trek, which went on to make enormous box office successes.

Also, the 1980s witnessed a revolution in terms of movie quality and production. Most movies became much more expensive due to the advent of much better special effects and digital video recorders. Also, Hollywood learned to embrace budget constraints much easier than their American competition. After the success of blockbusters such as Star Wars, sequel boom became evident and studios started to release much cheaper and more profitable movies.

The last decade saw an amazing confluence of styles. Noir and science fiction gave way to melodrama and big dramatic themes. Also, the’superhero’ genre became immensely popular and movies such as Batman, Spider-Man, and Iron Man were huge hits. Finally, the ‘hare-in’ phenomenon took Hollywood by storm and movies such as The Matrix, The Fantastic Four, and Harry Potter were box-office hits. Now, Hollywood has settled down to a predictable cycle, where the only variation is that movies get more extravagant every year.