A movie, also known as a movie trailer, a short movie or pre-DVD movie, is a commercialized version of a film that usually has very little content. Often it is only a teaser of what the full movie will contain and is meant to be both entertaining and informative for movie watchers. It is intended to be short enough to hold the viewer’s interest while also drawing them into the main characters and story so they continue to view the film.


People go to movie theaters to have an experience that is out of the ordinary, whether it is for romance comedy, horror or drama; it is their choice. However, it is also their responsibility to make sure that the eventful experiences they choose to attend are healthy and memorable. It is through understanding these basics that movie goers can come up with a movie that holds their interest for a long time and keeps them coming back to see it time again. The main elements that make this experience more eventful are sound, plot, lighting, photography, and costume design. All of these aspects need to work in unison in order to create an overall moviegoing experience that will stay with audiences.

Good movie quality sound effects and crisp pictures are necessary to make an eventful moviegoing experience. Sound is an integral part of creating an eventful moviegoing experience as people want to be able to clearly hear everything that is being said on screen. In addition, if the audience is standing or walking around during the movie then they need to be able to distinguish what is happening in the background. Good lighting design creates a warm, cozy and inviting environment that makes for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Good photography is a must when trying to capture events on video. There are many instances where movie goers have noticed that the quality of the photos taken at movie theaters are much better than any other type of camera or digital device. The clarity and color saturation of photos taken at movie theaters are typically far beyond what can be accomplished with any other camera or device. Good photography and videography professionals know how to use the right lighting to produce the best images possible and capture the attention of movie goers.

Costume design has become a very important part of moviegoing over the past twenty years or so. There is something about seeing a movie at a movie theater that makes costume designers get creative and create costumes that will help enhance the moviegoing experience for movie goers. Special events such as premiere screenings of movies or special events like the opening night for new movies at the movie theaters require advanced planning and careful execution of many different aspects of the event in order to ensure the success of the special event.

Planning is a key element to successful event planning. Without careful planning and preparation movie goers or the movie theater managers can encounter many problems that can cause a movie event to not be a successful experience for everyone in attendance. A good rule of thumb is to plan your event about three to four months in advance. This will give you plenty of time to shop around, meet with potential vendors and set up your budget. Planning is a key element to successful movie events and event planning and management.