A movie, also known as a movie trailer, short film, video short, mini-movie, special short, or live-action film, is a brief film, sometimes just a few minutes long, intended to introduce a new movie to the public, intended to convey a certain message to the audience, usually through visual means. It may be one of many trailers meant to launch a specific movie by linking it to a specific commercial or to promote an upcoming movie by showing a peek of the plot or story. Usually, a movie becomes a hit when at least one of its trailers is shown in a film intended to be opened publicly.


Motion pictures tell stories. Whether they are dramas, comedies, thriller, horror, or movies about kids or the other family members, all motion pictures tell stories for the audience. They are meant to persuade the audience to sit down and take the time to watch the movie. They are intended to tell stories from beginning to end. They may be fictional, but often are based on true events, even though some filmmakers choose to make up fictional events for the sake of telling a more interesting story. Movie trailers are one way in which movie makers tell stories to the audience.

Action movies often use special effects in their trailers. Special effects help to tell stories within the movie itself, since they enhance the way that the viewer will see the movie. Often the special effects in action movies are done to create the illusion of the director and the actors moving around on the screen. Special effects help to increase the realism of the movie. The illusion of movement can be most easily achieved through computer animation.

Word of mouth continues to be the primary way that movies are made. Movie audiences tell others about the movie that they are seeing, creating a built in advertising campaign for the movie. In today’s world, the term viral motion picture spreads quickly through all forms of media. Movie trailers have become viral images because they have the ability to communicate a basic message. The message is usually two words: get ready to see a fantastic movie!

Netflix, the movie industry leader, has taken full advantage of the internet to market their movies. The streaming movie service started as a simple program that let users stream videos from their own computers or from sites that supported media sharing. It evolved into one of the largest sources of content available on the World Wide Web. It allows its users to view any title they want whenever they choose at any time. The service costs less than renting a movie at a movie theater and delivers a better netflix movie experience than any other. Netflix’s simplicity and convenience have created a social buzz around the company that is unprecedented.

When you want to create a lasting movie experience, make sure to plan your viewing experience for a special occasion like a wedding or special event. Even if you enjoy your popcorn and soda at home, watching a good motion picture at a movie theater can be a wonderful experience. Theatergoing experience is often classified as an American leisure pastime unlike anything else on our planet. Whether you want to catch a movie after work or enjoy an award-winning performance by an up-and-coming star, a movie at a quality Hollywood theater can give you and your family great memories and valuable life lessons.