A trailer is a small piece of equipment attached to a larger vehicle, usually a truck or car. Trailers are used to haul large items from one location to another. There are several different types of trailers to meet the needs of various situations. The most common trailer is the utility trailer, which can be used to carry a variety of items and is often a popular choice among recreational users. Other types of trailers include livestock trailers, equipment trailers, and dump trailers. Some of these trailers are designed to haul specific items, such as dirt bikes or tools, while others are designed to transport a particular type of vehicle.

The trailer is an important part of the film marketing industry. It provides information about the movie, as well as gives viewers a taste of what to expect from the film. The best trailers are highly polished and able to present even low-quality movies in an attractive light. They often use a voice-over narration to give the basic premise of the story and provide explanation when necessary.

In addition to the narrator, many modern trailers also feature special effects and music. The music is often composed specifically for the trailer, and it is often very dramatic or suspenseful in nature. The trailer is usually mixed in Dolby Digital or a similar multichannel sound format.

Some trailers use scenes from the actual film, while others may include material that is not included in the final cut of the movie. This material may be a deleted scene or a special shoot intended to give the audience a different impression of the film. For example, the shower scene in the original trailer for Psycho shows Alfred Hitchcock directing Vera Miles as she screams, whereas this scene was not used in the final version of the film.

Trailers are often shown before a feature film in a cinema or movie theater. However, with the advent of high-bandwidth Internet connections, it has become possible to upload trailers to video sharing websites. Consequently, many independent filmmakers now create trailers to promote their own films.

A good trailer will introduce the main characters, set up the central conflict in the film, and then end on a cliffhanger leaving the viewer wanting to see how the conflict is resolved. A well-done trailer will create empathy for the characters and make them seem worth rooting for. It will also encourage the viewer to take action, such as buying a ticket or signing up for a mailing list.

Although the trailer is a very effective marketing tool for films, it can also be used to promote television shows, video games, books, and theatrical events or concerts. In the early 2000s, several DVDs were released that contained nothing but a collection of trailers. These programs are sometimes referred to as “trailer trash.” The popularity of these programs inspired some cinemas to begin showing full programs of trailers without the feature film.