The Movies of the Mid-1960s

The mid-1960s were a decade of change for American society, with many factors affecting social norms and movie themes. McCarthyism became the enemy and corporate management took over. The Vietnam War had just started and animosity toward the Axis powers was growing. As a result, movie themes and characters began to shift, too. This change was reflected in a variety of popular movies during this era. Despite these changes, the mid-1960s were still marked by strong women in popular culture and film, and the films made during this time period are some of the most significant films of the century.

The word “movie” has different connotations in American and British English. In the United States, the term “movie” is more common, primarily referring to the place in which a movie is shown. In Britain, the word is used to refer to the theater where a movie is shown. In the United States, the term “film” is used for the theoretical and artistic aspects of a film. Although it is widely accepted that the word “movie” has become a part of American culture, it is not often associated with the medium.

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