A movie, also known as a motion picture, movie short, video movie or digital movie, is a creative work of visual art designed to simulate real experiences, stories, impressions, beauty, or setting through the medium of moving pictures. The term “movies” can also refer to artistic creations that deal with the subject of images (or movies) and include sound, music, or sometimes even dance or drama. The term “motion picture” is also used in a broader context that includes paintings, sculptures, illustrations, collages, or works of other kinds of art that can be seen as having been produced through the process of imaging.


Movies are usually classified into two broad categories, picture and motion picture. In a picture movie, the images are normally seen in the original full-length format, and the motion picture version is generally shown in widescreen format. (In the case of short motion pictures, the aspect ratio of the image is changed to make it look longer.) Both kinds of movie can be shown on the same TV set, but the two types of movie will have completely different viewing experiences.

A motion picture is usually the output of a directed movie production. In this type of movie, the director of the movie is the one who crafts the story and the overall theme of the movie. He is the one who design the characters and the sets of the movie, and he will often decide what kind of images will be used and where they will be shown. He will also put the story into words. When you watch a motion picture, all the images are seen as moving.

Pre-recorded movies are available in two formats. These are the regular video-on-video format, and the Betamax format. Both of these formats use the VCR technology to record the movie. Video-on-video movies have a feature that allows the movie to be rewound to slow down the action when needed.

The last type of movie that we will discuss is the PCM (portable device media). This is the most popular format for today’s home videos. It uses the DVD format with a proprietary encoding system. PCM files are the most easily available on the market, because they can be compressed to small files that can fit on CD’s and DVD’s.

As you can see, there are many different types of movies that can be watched today. Some people prefer to watch videos over regular television because they like to see movies as “old-fashioned” as possible. You can also watch videos on your computer, as well as on your TV. The choice is yours. Just choose which type of movie you want to watch!