A movie, also known as a movie prop, movie matte or moving image, is an animated image or motion picture used to simulate real experiences that convey messages, stories, impressions, emotions, beauty, or setting. The term comes from the fact that everything in a movie is animated. Everything including cars, buildings, and people. Even people’s actions are simulated by the moving pictures. Movie producers or filmmakers use several different types of animation in making movies.


Comic book versions or animated films based on comic books or television shows are the first two types of movie animation. The use of film stock or photography to create the images for the motion picture and the re-creations of characters from the comic books are the second type. The process of creating both film stock and moving images is known as effects or computer animation. The use of computer generated imagery (CGI) to re-create a scene from a movie or television show is known as digital video effects or digital animation.

Action movies are fast paced and contain some heavy action and combat. Action movies are made for adults and are aimed at mature audiences. These movies are full of vehicular chase scenes, gun fights and shootouts. The main characters are typically law enforcement officers or military personnel. Action movies often use special effects to make the vehicles and creatures look realistic.

The most popular genre of movies is the fantasy or science fiction variety. Fantasy features movies like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and The Matrix. Science fiction features films like Star Wars, Terminator, and Star trek. Both science fiction and fantasy feature films are popular in the cinema.

Feature films are films that do not carry any narration but contain characters speaking and telling stories. For example, a movie like Lawrence of Arabia (Movie: Arabia) features lengthy, dramatic discussions between the characters. When movies carry a narrative, the film is called a feature film. A feature film is intended to tell stories within the given medium(s). For example, movies can be shown on television and DVD. Movies that do not carry a story are known as low budget or independent motion pictures.

There are many different types of films. Most movies are made to either entertain or tell stories. Motion pictures are used for many different purposes including artistic expression and communication. Movie studios are dedicated to producing the best movies possible.