A movie is a video recording that has been made. It is usually made for people to watch on a large screen called a cinema. It can be a comedy or a serious film.

The word’movie’ comes from the English slang term for’moving picture’. This shortened form was developed as an American slang term and has now been adopted into the mainstream of the language throughout the world.

In a nutshell, a movie is a video recording that has been edited into a story. It usually has music and singing added to it, but this is not always the case. The editing process is very important, because it makes the story and characters more real and exciting. Audio engineers and sound engineers record the music and the singing and combine it with the moving pictures, so they look more realistic. They use special effects (special techniques) to make the pictures look more interesting and sometimes even scary or thrilling.

Some movies are based on a real life event. They may be about something that happened in the past or in the present. They can be about people or animals. They may be about people’s emotions or their problems. They can be about a person or group of people who are trying to change their life and get better.

Another kind of movie is a documentary, which tells a true story about a person or a group of people. These films often have very strong emotional topics, and can be very sad or very happy.

A movie that is very successful can make a lot of money for the people who work on it. It can also make lots of money for the movie studios that make it and sell it to different people, so that they can show it to people who will go see it. These movies are called blockbusters and can earn many times the money they cost to make.

There are hundreds of movies that are made every year, and they can be very funny or very sad. Most movies are made by the big movie studios, but there are also independent movies. They are more creative and have more unusual stories. They are not as successful as the movies made by the big studios.

The main types of movies are drama, adventure, gangster, action, horror, romance and sports. They can be very interesting and exciting, and they may include violence.

Romantic Comedies, also called ‘Rom-Coms’ are usually about 2 people who fall in love. They are also usually very funny and have lots of funny things happen to them, such as they are caught in a crime or their lives are changed by a strange event.

Thrillers are about a mystery, or strange event that needs to be solved. They are very exciting, and the audience is kept guessing until the final minutes. They are very scary, but they can be fun to watch because of the dangers and thrills of it all.