When you were growing up, the definition of a movie was easy: it was a video story that took more than an hour to tell and required that you leave your house, buy a ticket, go to the theater, buy popcorn, sit, and watch. The genre didn’t matter, and the comfort level of the seats or the quality of the popcorn didn’t factor in at all. But now, with movies available on DVD and Blu-ray, a movie is a little more complicated. It can mean a film that was first shown on TV, isn’t a “feature” movie, and is often labeled as a “direct-to-video” or “straight-to-video” movie. But is this really what a movie is?

A movie can be a powerful tool for conveying ideas and emotions. When a movie does this well, it is referred to as a work of art. One way to judge a movie’s success is by writing a review, and it’s important to consider the elements of a great movie when doing so. Evaluate the movie’s plot and characterization, as well as its setting and style. In addition, make note of any creative aspects of the film, such as the color, sound effects, and camera methods.


A good movie starts with a strong plot and characters that are engaging. One of the main reasons people enjoy a movie is because they like watching the characters struggle with problems and conflict, so it is important to analyze how well a movie’s plot does this.

Also, look for the movie to reflect on a real world event or issue. This could be the director’s attempt to get a message across to the audience and should be evaluated as well.


The acting and characters in a movie can either make or break it, so it’s essential to pay close attention to the actors’ performances. How did they portray their roles, and did the dialogue seem authentic and natural? Additionally, you should evaluate the chemistry between the actors and how it adds to the movie.

Creative aspects

Filmmakers work hard to incorporate creative elements into their motion pictures, such as background music, color, and the use of symbols. These elements can either take the movie further or betray its purpose. Costumes, set design, and lighting can also enhance or diminish the movie’s overall value.

A good movie should have a captivating and interesting setting. This can be a fantasy world, such as Coraline Animation, or it may be a modern day reality, such as the Boston Globe Scandal in this award-winning drama.