A movie is a film that shows images on a screen. It can be a documentary or a drama. It can have a happy ending or a sad one. It can also be scary or funny. A movie can be shown at a theater or on a television or computer. Movies can be made about history, science, people, animals, sports, and other subjects.

A good way to learn about movies is to read reviews of them. These usually give the story line and explain how well or badly it was done. You can also find out about the actors and what type of characters they played. Many movies have musical scores and soundtracks that help to tell the story.

Some movies have a lot of special effects. This can make them seem very real. Other movies use a lot of imagination to create other worlds and situations. Movies can have a serious message or they can just be fun to watch. Some movies are true stories, while others are based on a real person or event. Some movies can be both a comedy and a drama.

The people who write the scripts for movies are called writers. They usually have a lot of ideas and then work with the director to make the final product. They may be a team or they can be just one person.

After the movie is done, a group of people are called editors. They cut the film into pieces and then put it together so that it makes a story. They also add music and sound effects to the movie. It is then sent to movie labs to be copied onto reels. The copies are then sent to movie theaters, where they are shown on a big screen.

Some movies are about famous people or events. They are also called biopics. They are sometimes based on true events, but often they are fictional. The main role is usually played by a well known actor or actress.

The directors of movies often choose a theme or topic for their films. They then try to capture the feeling of that theme or topic in their movie. They might also try to evoke a certain emotion or response from the audience.

A good way to judge if a movie is good is to compare it to other movies. This is called a “comp”. For example, if a movie is like Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner but with a horror twist then it might be a good horror movie.

Some movies have very controversial messages or are intended to make people think. These are often called “propaganda” movies. Examples might include Fahrenheit 451, Chaplin’s Modern Times, and Citizen Kane. A propaganda movie is meant to convince or manipulate the audience into believing something. In some cases, this is done to influence the audience’s opinions about a political or social issue.