A movie is a film that uses images and sounds to tell stories. Most movies entertain people, and they can make them laugh or cry. They can also teach people something. Movies can be made for children, teens, or adults. Some movies are based on real events, and some are made up. Movies can be about history, science, or social problems. Some movies are made to make people think about the world around them.

Movies can be made by big studios or independent producers. Independent films often tell more creative or unusual (strange) stories. They may be less popular than movies made by the big studios, but they can be more important. Some independent films are so successful that they change the way the film industry works.

A good movie is a movie that makes people laugh or cry, or think about the world around them. A good movie is also well made in terms of the acting, direction, music, and editing. A great movie is a movie that does all of these things and is also beautiful to look at.

Some movies are about love, war, or adventure. Others are about family or friendship. Movies can be about anything that can be filmed.

Dramas are movies that tell stories about relationships between people. They usually follow a plot that shows the main characters trying to solve a problem. Thrillers are movies that are about a mystery or strange event. They usually keep the audience guessing until the end of the movie, when there are ‘twists in the plot’ (surprises).

Sci-fi movies are about things that could happen in the future. They often have a lot of special effects.

Comedy is a type of movie that makes people laugh. It usually involves one or more actors making funny jokes. Romance movies are about people falling in love. Movies that are about family problems are called tragedies. Thrillers are movies that are scary. They usually have a lot of twists in the plot (surprises).

Fantasy movies are about magical things that cannot happen in real life. They are often about animals, people, or places.

Horror movies are scary. They usually have a bad ending. Horror movies can be scary for children and teenagers.

Spike Lee made this movie about a conflict between African-Americans and Italian-Americans in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood. It’s a powerful, funny, and frightening movie, rammed with soon-to-be iconography from start to finish.

Frances McDormand won an Oscar for her hunched-over performance in this film, which was a blunt but affecting sermon against the one percent. It was a turning point in the political conversation and in the Academy Award’s sense of what kinds of movies deserve to win.