What Trending Topics Work Best?

On Twitter, a post, word, or subject which is discussed more than other ones is considered a “tweeting topic” or just a “tweet”. tweeters also discuss trending topics in the same way as they would mention a hot topic in their daily news. However, the difference between the two platforms is that a tweet can only be shared among Twitter users and is not available for public viewing. A tweet is a summary of a particular topic that can be serious or light, it can have links to additional information, and it can even contain promotional material. Therefore, when it comes to Twitter trends, there are two kinds: users and marketers.

Twitter’s emphasis on trending topics makes it different from other social media. Unlike Facebook and MySpace, Twitter allows its users to interact with the trending topics of the day. In fact, the latest trending topic on Twitter can go viral within hours, if it is properly promoted. The proliferation of Twitter trends is what makes it different from other social media; a trend can go from being merely interesting, to popular, to viral within hours, for a particular user or brand to gain some sort of Internet presence. Trending subjects also become popular simply through coincidence or due to an event which prompts folks to discuss a particular subject.

The most important step for a brand, product, or company trying to get onto the trending front page of Twitter is to adopt a strategy which centers around keyword searching and trending topics. A good way to do this is to use trending topics which have a fair amount of search volume already, such as in the case of trending topics associated with celebrities. Celebrities are always on the minds of Twitter users; they are constantly discussed and are constantly the center of attention. Therefore, if a brand wishes to take part in trending, it must choose keywords associated with celebrities, and make sure that these keywords have enough search volume. This is why celebrities, as a concept, lend themselves so well to trending topics – because people are inherently interested in them.

A brand can also use trending topics which have recently been released, but again, choose keywords which have a fair amount of search volume. This is important, as the more search volume a keyword has, the more popular the trend will become. There are many brands which have chosen a single trending topic, such as Apple, Nike, or Google. These brands have done this because they were able to harness the power of a single brand and make it the driving force behind their campaign.

Brands which do not have the luxury of a single celebrity or actor can still utilize trending topics to their advantage. There are some things which all brands can do to make a social media campaign which targets their customer base work. They need to choose specific topics which speak directly to their customers. Brands should also look to engage their customers on a more personal level – something which brands have failed to do for far too long.

There is no doubt that social media is a tool which can be used to great effect, but there are certain ways which brands can use it to their advantage. The best way to ensure success with this marketing strategy is ensuring that they take it seriously. By ensuring the quality and relevance of their social media content, by providing useful and engaging videos, and by encouraging and supporting their users through trending topics, brands are ensuring their business success with this method of marketing.