A movie, also known as a motion picture, video, short film or video, is a creative work of visual art typically made to simulate various experiences which communicate messages, ideas, emotions, physical sensations, beauty, or mood through the medium of moving pictures. The term “moviemaker” derives from the French word “moyeur” which means “spinning”. Motion pictures have become one of the most popular ways to distribute and view art throughout the world. In the past century, the term has come to include a range of creative media such as paintings, collages, illustrations, photographic works, computer-generated images, theatrical presentations, and computer games. Movie making is one of the most popular art forms throughout the world.


Movies are created for many different reasons, but the basic purpose is to entertain. Many movies are designed as parables or educational materials intended to teach, entertain, and persuade through the use of special effects, long takeaways, or cutting-edge technology. Action movies often tell stories of special forces combating against an opponent, usually evil. The protagonist is usually a heroic leader who must triumph over evil forces to win the day. Other types of action movies often tell stories about themes like love, family, the environment, human psychology, and social problems.

Most action movies are set in some type of fantasy world, often imagining a bustling city or bustling village, sometimes even set in the distant future. Fantasy movies are very popular, and movies that tell stories of magic, science fiction, monsters, and other fantastical creatures are particularly popular. In addition, most action movies have a strong plot line, and the movie-makers use this to make the movie much more entertaining and exciting. Most movies require special effects, and the movie studios will often use computers to create these effects. Computer generated imagery (CGI) is an increasingly common method of video production, and computer animation uses images produced by digital graphics software to give life to characters on the screen. In the past, computer generated imagery (CGI) was reserved for Hollywood movie studios to use on very special effects for the films of its biggest stars.

Fantasy and science fiction movies are very popular and often the leading theme of the movie. Often, the movie will take place in some type of alternate reality. The hero is forced to deal with other characters and often must overcome incredible odds. Action movies, on the other hand, are often based around a single plot and are much less dynamic than movies based on alternate worlds.

Another feature common to both science fiction and fantasy movies are large cast. In the case of a movie based on a sci-fi theme, usually there are at least three or four main actors playing different roles. In the case of fantasy movies, the leading roles will often be played by unknown actors or characters. The complexity of the movie is usually determined by budget, but often movie studios and directors will try to make a high quality movie even with a small budget.

Most movies get a wide release, either direct from the movie studio or via a movie distributor. There are many websites that allow people to download these movies to their computers for a very low cost. Recently, many people have been uploading movies to sites such as YouTube, which have helped these films gain popularity and draw in new fans. In fact, recent successes of some movies such as Star Wars and Harry Potter have led to an increase in interest in watching sci-fi and fantasy movies.