Twitter follows the trends. The best thing about Twitter is that you can use it for trending any topic of your choice. On Twitter, a post, topic, or even word that is mentioned in a quicker pace than others is often said to be a trending topic or just a trending keyword. Trending topics sometimes become very popular due to an occurrence or even a concerted effort by online users.


Some examples of trending topics include the recent Apple product releases, the government shutdown and the health care reform legislation. All these topics have had a major impact on the online social media conversation. There are other examples of trending topics which are less common like the Super Bowl or the FIFA World Cup Soccer games. Trends in these cases could be due to a single game or a number of games being played. Still, it can give a good idea of what the general public is talking about.

What’s great about Twitter is that it gives immediate results. Users can read about what other Twitter users are talking about right away. So, if a large amount of people are talking about something, it is more likely to make its way onto a prominent spot on the trending topic list. Businesses and brands can take advantage of this medium by using it to monitor their own and other brands’ exposure. It also helps them keep track of the conversations going on about their products and services.

In terms of business, monitoring trends on social media sites such as Twitter offers various opportunities. Knowing what your customers think before they speak, allows you to better serve their needs. Research shows that brands who know what their customers think are more likely to create content that will engage readers and followers.

Twitter has many uses other than providing a platform for conversations. Users can search for trending topics and see which ones are receiving the most attention. This can help them take action and respond to customers. For brands, knowing their target audience helps them design campaigns and online advertisements that will reach these communities.

The 21st century is all about connecting with customers. As we move into the future, businesses and brands need to stay up to date with what consumers want. Keeping up with the trends on social media sites like Twitter gives them an edge. If a brand is not on Twitter then it may be missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with a large number of consumers. Trends are very important because they help guide marketers and consumers to the right direction.