YouTube has been a hotbed of trending videos and personalities, and you can watch some of them on Shira Lazar’s channel. The channel features videos by celebrities and personalities you may not have heard of otherwise. In this video, Shira shows us what’s trending on YouTube right now!

It is important to stay on top of trending topics so you can participate in meaningful conversation online and prepare relevant marketing content. Fortunately, there are several platforms that allow you to easily find trending topics and customize your own lists. Many sites track hashtags and label them as trending topics. Similarly, there are sites that track keywords and keyword phrases.

Google’s Trends homepage contains several starter examples of topics. For instance, it shows the worldwide interest in the World Cup by country for the past week. You can also see which teams are searched for in different regions of the world. This information can be helpful when brainstorming story ideas. And the data can even be used as a way to illustrate interest in certain topics.

YouTube’s Trending feature is useful for determining which videos are trending across the world. It helps you discover new videos that viewers may find interesting. Although some trends are predictable, others may surprise you. Another downside of YouTube Trending is that it doesn’t offer personalized results. The list of videos that appear on the list are always the same for all viewers in the same language and country.

Whether you’re interested in the latest celebrity gossip or the latest world events, trending topics provide a valuable insight into what people are talking about on the Internet. In fact, if you’re a marketer, this information can help you create new products and services. There are even trending business ideas that you may never have thought of otherwise.

The term trend has several definitions and is commonly used to describe a period of time when something becomes popular or becomes the hottest thing. It can pertain to pop culture, entertainment, the stock market, or even the mood of a nation. Some trends are fun to see, while others are downright scandalous. Nevertheless, trends are ever-changing, so you need to be on your toes!

One of the most popular trends on Twitter is a juxtaposition of heart and head thinking. You can use the heart emoji or the brain emoji and write your message. Another trend is an evergreen sound that is making its rounds on TikTok. This sound is easy to create and is typically paired with a long blurb of text.

Another use of Google search trends is to determine when to ramp up your marketing efforts if your products are seasonal. The reason for this is that Google Ads costs will most likely increase during these spikes. This means that you can increase your budget and dedicate more time to your campaigns during these periods.