A movie, also known as a movie trailer, a short movie, video short, video clip, online short, movie script, or video web-length, is a film or video recording intended for showing to audiences and/or members of the public. It usually describes a fictional story of fiction about real people. Most movies are produced by big entertainment studios such as Walt Disney Co., Dreamworks, Paramount Pictures, Disney Specials, Twentieth Century Fox, and Hasbro. A major movie star, the main actor, or the main actress can help propel a movie to the top of the box office charts, but the overall production costs of a movie are what keep it in the public’s mind long after it has been released in theaters.


Movie ratings are based on certain factors such as story, special effects, character development, special performances and on-screen dialogue. These elements influence the audience’s attitude towards a movie long before the movie has even opened in the theaters. This is also one of the reasons why it is important that viewers are able to rate and comment on the films they have seen. Viewers and critics rate films in different ways. For example, a movie review website may rate the films on a five-star system where one star is the lowest rating and five stars is the highest.

Film ratings can also be based on their popularity among film critics and audiences. The most popular ones are the “Best Picture” and “Best Director” awards, which honor works of art that receive widespread critical acclaim. Additionally, the Academy Awards honor works of merit in the various categories set up by the Academy. These are the only two major awards that the Academy has decided upon; however, the Independent Film Festival and other similar events are also celebrated in order to recognize films that have been overlooked for Academy Awards.

Viewers and critics also rate films according to their overall social and political impact. These factors become very important to contemporary viewers, since they have the power to affect and/or encourage their decisions as to what they will watch. An example of this is the rise of the “Hunger Games” franchise. The series of books was widely publicized and talked about; but it was critically acclaimed during the summer of 2021 when the first film came out in theaters. As a result, it managed to increase its market share and earn more than all the other books combined.

There are also many other factors that go into deciding the ratings used by critics and viewers. One of these is the type of movies chosen to be reviewed. In general, the more controversial and higher quality the film is, the more unfavorable the reviews will be. More negative feedback will make the film look bad in the eyes of general audiences. On the other hand, a film with a lot of laughs will gain more favorable ratings because viewers tend to find it more amusing and endearing.

There is also one other major factor that goes into rating films. Films are often rated according to their theme and plot. These factors involve what type of story a film has, what kind of moral issues it tackles, and how mature or explicit it is. For example, some films that are rated mature and explicit may contain some language, gestures and/or violence that may be offensive for some people. Therefore, one must take note of what they are watching before they rate it.