A movie, also known as a movie trailer, a short movie or video short, is an artistic creation that conveys information about a fictional project, usually intended as a complementary entertainment for viewers. The term “mock film” comes from the practice of watching a movie trailer without having actually seen the completed movie. Usually, the movie shown in a movie trailer is intended to be a “preview,” an example of what the full movie will be like. Viewers are shown clips of the movie at various times that coincide with the theatrical release of the movie.


Movies are designed to tell stories through images and sounds, to entertain, to teach, to shock, to inform, to make people stop and look, to spark interest and discussion, and to spark new ideas. The movie camera itself has evolved over the years, from the hand-held device that was introduced in 1903 by Ezo Maranta to the three-dimensional camera invented by James Whale in 1924. Film technology was further refined and commercialized with the invention of the color process in photography, sound in cinema, and the camcorder in filmmaking. Throughout the years, filmmakers developed methods and means to make their movies more realistic, more interesting, more entertaining, and more durable. Film production technology also gave way to features and special effects that made the finished product more appealing to a larger audience.

Movies that fall into the category of drama, action, thriller, fantasy, and comedy are popular worldwide. The plots of many of these movies may be similar but the main characters and the methods of telling the story are different. For instance, the story of action movies often involves a hero going against an enemy who has been terrorizing the city or village. The hero is usually aided by special or mysterious forces who make the difference between victory and defeat.

The genre of science fiction is perhaps the most diverse among all the movie genres. Most science fiction films deal with alien beings from other planets or from the distant past that threaten to invade the earth. The themes of the stories often include alternate histories where different things happen, allowing the plot to change depending on which version of the story is followed. There are also many instances where the aliens are hostile entities but the plot centers on how they can help the human race.

The horror films belong to the genre of suspense and thriller. The themes of this type of movie are usually about a killer or a monster preying on the unsuspecting people. Often, the killer or the monster will possess some kind of a secret that only the viewer will know about. The entire premise of this type of film is about preventing the death of the protagonist or the victim. One of the most famous horror films of all time, the Universal Studios film Frankenstein, is considered to be the birth of the modern monster film.

The third type of genre is the legal drama. These films often deal with matters of legal controversy. The main characters in many of these legal thrillers are lawyers. Some examples of this kind of movies are To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Thin Red Line, and the remake of Death Proof.