A trailer is basically an unpowered road vehicle towed by an electric motor. Generally it is used for the transportation of materials and goods. The trailer is also known as a truck or tractor. Trailers can be either motorized or manual. The manual trailers have less features than the electric or motorized trailers.


There are many types of trailers: utility trailer, travel trailer, flatbed trailer, special mobile trailer, manufactured home trailer, dump truck trailer and a variety of other trailers. In general, most RV or boat owners own at least one utility trailer that they use to transport their camping gear, gardening supplies and other items. A good number of people also choose a travel trailer in order to take their recreational vehicles on vacation. For those who use their vehicles for business purposes, a flatbed trailer might be more suitable. However, recreational vehicles like boats and RVs also commonly use utility trailers.

The utility trailer is just like the truck, in the fact that both can be driven on the road. One major difference however is that a truck cannot be towed behind another vehicle. A trailer on the other hand, can be towed behind another vehicle of the same make, model and size. This is often necessary when transporting goods over long distances. If the distance between two points is too long to allow for using a truck, then the only alternative would be to tow the trailer behind another vehicle of the same size and make.

On the other hand, a towing option is often available to provide extra convenience to many people. This option is referred to as towing. When towing a travel trailer, the towing procedure takes place in conjunction with the vehicle’s forward movement. In this manner, the trailer and the towing vehicle are actually working in tandem.

There are many towing devices available to help in towing trailers. One such device is the tongue & groove attachment. The tongue & groove attachment is used to provide traction on soft grounds such as sand and mud. Another method used for towing trailers is to utilize an a-frame hitch. An a-frame hitch attaches to a trailer using a steel tongue that fits against the trailer.

Towable trailers were commonly used in earlier days as they were often used to transport supplies in agricultural fields. These were then later used to carry household goods in urban areas where transportation was convenient and cost effective. With the advent of towing devices, the popularity of the travel trailer has spread all over the world.