A trend is something that is becoming more popular at a given time. It can be anything from the latest fashion to a trend in the stock market. It can also be a political trend, reflecting a particular nation’s current mood.

Whether you’re a social media fanatic or just want to keep up with the latest trends, there are many ways to track them and capitalize on them. In fact, you can use these trends to make your online marketing campaigns more engaging.

Twitter is the best place to find the hottest trending topics. This is because it shows you what people are talking about based on their location and how they are using the site.

You can change the location in your Twitter profile to see trends tailored to your area, or you can use the Twitter Explore tool to search for a specific topic. It also displays a map that allows you to view how different areas see different things online.

Facebook has a similar Trends page where users can search for the hottest topic in different categories. These include News, Science and Technology, Sports and Entertainment. Clicking a category brings users to a page with public and in-network posts about that topic.

Google has a long-standing archive of search trends data that provides an interesting look at what themes have captured the world’s attention over the years. We used this data to create a graphic that highlights some of the top trends from the last 20 years.

This graphic can help you identify what keywords are currently capturing the public’s attention, and then incorporate them into your ad creative. It’s an especially useful tool for marketers, who can use it to inform their seasonal campaigns and help plan their marketing budgets.

It can also be used to discover event-triggered spikes in keyword search volume, which can help you identify ad opportunities. For example, if you run a home and garden supply store, you may wish to increase your marketing efforts when seasonal searches related to your business are in high demand.

A great way to find out what’s trending on Twitter is by using the hashtag tracking tool Sprout Social. It will analyse your incoming messages and provide you with the latest trending hashtags that are relevant to your company or brand. You can then utilise these hashtags to penetrate the chats of your followers on Twitter.

To make the most of this type of trending, it is important to understand what exactly a trend is and why people are interested in it. This will help you craft your marketing messages and avoid wasting time on uninteresting or irrelevant topics.

You can also find out what topics are trending on other social media sites, such as Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest. These websites have their own algorithms that determine what topics are popular.

For instance, Tumblr uses a ‘lightning bolt’ to indicate tags that are new and trending. Similarly, Instagram uses a’search and explore’ feature to show users the most popular local images on the platform.