How to Track Viral Growth of Your Business on Social Media

Twitter is presently one of the more widely used social networking sites. A little time back, it only made popular the word trending subject. But with the recent merger of Yahoo and Bing, it has been able to expand its services beyond the use of keywords. Trending topics are now possible through a shortcode which Twitter uses internally for searching tweets and postings. The major service offering this is Twittttr, while there is also Tweetdeck which can be used on Twitter. If you want your posts and tweets to show up in the trending topics, then make sure that you use the right keywords.

With a number of media sharing sites like Facebook and Google+ growing in popularity, it has become all the more essential for businesses to get engaged with their audience on these sites through an interactive content strategy. Engaging content with a brand helps in creating a brand image in the minds of consumers, especially when they come in contact with the brands through various social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others. While brands have always had the advantage of being perceived as authoritative, these new social media platforms give them the opportunity to be more interactive. When business deals with a consumer, especially when it comes to engaging content through a platform like Twitter, brands need to be seen as being approachable. There are some clear guidelines which can help to determine the manner in which a brand can be seen as part of the trending topics.

Trending topics are the conversations that are taking place on social media sites such as Twitter. These conversations tend to be about the current state of affairs which is usually topical. Brands should therefore take note of what is trending in the consumer world, and then engage with the trending topics. This could be done by using the hash tags, but it is better if the business implements its own strategy for trending topics.

A company can get a feel of how well trending topics are being discussed by studying the conversations that are taking place in the forum. A company could also monitor the keywords which are used in the discussions. The hash tag used should be appropriate to the topic, and it should also relate to the trending topics which are there in the forum. This way, a business can easily track the success of its marketing campaigns through the trending topics which are being discussed on the social media site.

An important thing to note about trending topics is that the trending topics are not set in stone. The conversation may well change overnight. It therefore helps for a brand to adopt a flexible strategy towards monitoring and responding to the trending topics. A brand which responds to the trending topics should do so subtly. This way, a brand can gain some ground in the market, but at the same time, avoid appearing desperate. It is always best to engage with the trending topics, and instead of simply dismissing them, the brand should try to understand what the customers are thinking.

With the rise of the hashtags, a lot of companies have realized the value of trending topics and have taken to using them effectively for their own advantage. However, one thing to remember when using hashtags is that a business should not use all hashtags at once. The best approach would be to narrow down the trending topics to two or three, and then use those hashtags wisely. Additionally, in order to create trending topics that are more relevant, a business should look for other relevant keywords which are trending as well. By doing this, a business will be able to create the most relevant and targeted niche market possible.