There are many terms and acronyms in the movie industry. For example, a movie theatre is often referred to as a movie house or theatre. A movie franchise is a group of films with common themes and plots. There are studios that produce, finance, and market a large number of movies each year.


The term, “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” refers to a movie about foxes. The “xy-men” refer to comic book superheros. When you are looking up a definition for a term that you are not familiar with, the internet is a great source to check out. A quick search in Google lists many websites that provide movie term definitions. A citation needed when looking up a term that may be unfamiliar to you is the best way to find it.

“A character’s eye-level perspective” is a common description of the viewpoint of a character has from various locations inside a movie. The term comes from the placement of the camera and what the character sees from there. A character’s point of view from the outside may be partially obstructed by the elements around him, but he can see the entire scene clearly from above or below him. When you look up this description in a reference guide, it usually means that a character’s point of view is on a higher scale, sometimes to the extent of seeing things not normally visible from the ground (a helicopter landing, for instance, would be described as “from above” or “from a distance”).

A cinema is a multi-media complex situated in a town, suburb or city. The term is used to delineate the area where movie theatres are located. The term may also apply to non-motorized systems like supermarkets, ice-cream shops, hairdressers and movie theatres.

In terms of the location of a film set, the term “suburb” is applied to any location in a town, suburb or city that does not conform to the main arterial road. The term “academy” refers to a place of learning where film students learn to direct, edit and act. “Cinema-centre” describes a commercial centre in a large metropolitan area where film-makers produce their movies. The “main film industry centre” is a local commercial centre where all major production, advertising and theatre activities happen.

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