On Twitter, a keyword, term, or topic which is being discussed at a higher rate than the others is referred to as a trending topic. The number of conversations that are talking about the trending topics tend to be bigger than the number of conversations that are taking place about the non-trending topics. Trends on Twitter are considered as the current “in” thing in social media marketing. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to get involved in those trends and have your followers know about them. Trending topics therefore become popular simply because more people are talking about them or because an event which prompts people to discuss a certain topic also becomes popular.


Some of the most popular trending topics on Twitter include the following: weddings, music, videos, athletes, and brands. As already explained, brands are always present on the social media platforms. Therefore, using trending topics in your tweets helps to make your followers identify with your brand. Also, when you have a lot of followers on your account and you start tweeting about your brands, then you will definitely notice an increase in your online traffic. This is because more people get to know about your brands through your tweets.

In addition, there are many other types of trending topics. A trending topic can be related to a brand, a person, an issue, an event, an item, or anything else. There are actually hashtags which can help you in tracking this type of information. For instance, the hash tag # trending topics indicates that a particular topic is currently in the top ten trending topics on Twitter. Users can search for the most popular trending topics and get all the related information through a single search query. However, there is no guarantee that the mentioned information will be accurate.

Moreover, trending topics also appear on the profile overview. If you are logged-in to your Twitter account, you will be able to see the latest top trending topics as well as the most recently mentioned trending topics. This helps you determine whether the information on a particular trending topic is reliable enough to trust.

The main disadvantage of using trending topics as part of your online marketing strategy is that they are only useful during the times when they are happening. So, if you want to use them to attract more followers, it would be better to create your own content in these times. Remember, that you should always try to create new content for your Twitter account. You may use the trending topics to start discussions about your products and services, but you should also give your followers real information. So, if you are into developing contacts through your social media platform, then start posting on your account regularly as well.

In conclusion, trending topics are one of the most powerful tools for your use in your social media marketing campaign. They are useful in identifying the current trend among your target market, but you should be careful not to overdo it. Remember, that you should balance your content and use trending topics often to let your followers know about the changes in your company or in your industry.