A trailer is basically an unpowered automobile towed by a powered vehicle on a fixed track. It is most commonly used for the transportation of materials and goods. The trailer is normally attached to the tractor or car and pulled behind the tractor by the truck. Trailers can either be two-wheelers or four-wheelers. The latter are used for special applications such as carrying goods in remote areas where there is no highway or other public transports available. In addition, it is also widely used in mining and other heavy industries.


Trailers, like passenger vehicles, are subject to federal, state and local laws that protect the environment. One of these laws bans the use of certain chemicals in the manufacture and disposal of hazardous trailers. trailer parts made of low density plastic, polyethylene and other similar plastics are prohibited because they may leak toxic chemicals into the atmosphere when they are disposed. Trailers may also be required to have a carbon monoxide detector and leak sensors.

There are different types of trailers, each with its own set of characteristics and features. Two of these types are the semi-trailer and the modular. Modular trailers are designed to be towed by more than one type of vehicle, such as cars, trucks and tractor tractors. Since these trailers can easily convert into different-sized tables, they are highly popular with businesses that transport products from one location to another.

On the other hand, the semi-trailer hauls lighter goods. They are most often used when carrying persons and goods. They are often used to ferry lumber, but other goods are sometimes transported using them, as well. Because of their lightweight design, they can be pulled by powerchairs, skateboards and other such light vehicles. Semi-trailer is also commonly fitted with a crane to carry larger and heavier loads.

Camping trailers are a type of travel trailers. They have living areas for both the people staying in them as well as the animals they are carrying. These living areas are made inside the camper, while the living quarters are on the trailer itself. A camp trailer’s chassis is similar to a house’s frame, with beams connecting the living areas to the axle of the trailer. There are typically two sets of double doors, one set going inside the camper, and one outside.

The fifth-wheel travel trailer has been designed for off-road driving. It has a bed and a frame attached to it. Batteries and electrical components are placed under the bed of this trailer, and the tow hitch moves the trailer along with the vehicle designed to tow it. A fifth-wheel travel trailer must have an off-road driver and at least one passenger, unless it is designed for carrying cargo, in which case it can carry both people and cargo. A fifth-wheel travel trailer may also be used as a house trailer.