A movie (also called a film or motion picture) is a kind of visual art that uses images and sounds to tell stories. A good movie can make people laugh or cry. It can also teach people about something. The best movies are usually about things that people care about. For example, some movies are about war or about love.

Some movies are very realistic. They are about events that happened in real life. Other movies are more fantasy. They are about imaginary events. These are called sci fi movies. Some are comedy movies. They are funny. Others are dramas. They are sad. They can make people feel worried or angry.

A lot of people like to watch movies. Some even make their own films. People can also write scripts (a story) for movies. They can make up characters, locations and problems for the movie. They can also decide what music (sound) to put in a film. Then they can shoot the film with a camera.

When making a movie, people must think about what they want to say and what they want their audience to understand. They must also think about how they want the film to look. Then they must find actors to act in the movie.

The actors usually have to practice a lot before they are ready to show the movie to people. Some actors are better at acting than others. Some actors are famous and have been in many different movies. They are known as stars.

Some movies are called blockbusters. These are big money makers for the studios that produce them. They can make a lot of money from ticket sales and DVD or VHS sales. Blockbuster movies usually have a happy ending, where all the problems in the plot (story) are solved and everyone lives happily ever after.

Other movies are made by small movie companies. They are sometimes called independent or art movies. They are often about strange or unusual things. They cost less money to make than blockbuster movies. They often have a smaller audience and are not as well known. For example, the Blair Witch Project was a low-budget movie that became very popular and is now considered to be one of the best movies of all time.

A good movie has a good story, characters, and settings. It also has to have good dialogue and music. A great movie also has a great cast and crew. For example, a good actor can make the difference between a boring movie and an exciting one. A good director can make the movie seem real and believable. A good screenwriter can also make the movie better. Then the audience can enjoy it more. A great movie makes you want to see it again. It will be in your mind long after you have seen it. It will also make you want to talk about it with other people. That is why some movies are so famous.