One of the most important aspects of any online marketing campaign is to be on top of the latest trends. On Twitter, a post, word, or topic which is being mentioned in a quicker pace than others is considered a “tweeting topic” or just a “tweet”. The reason why so many people consider Twitter a valuable resource for internet marketing is because it’s free and easy to use! Trending topics also become more popular when people are prompted to share a particular topic through an occurrence, such as a viral video or a blog entry with great content.


There are a few different ways that you can take advantage of Twitter to keep yourself in the forefront of any current trends. One way is to utilize various social media sites for your own trending content. For example, if you regularly blog posts about news related to your field of business, you can incorporate a variety of social media sites for sharing this information with your followers:

Some other methods of using Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest trends include following others’ conversations on the site. For example, if you notice someone talking about coffee makers, you can search for conversations on the latest trends in coffee making. By searching for keywords related to your field, you’ll likely come across conversations about specific brands, products, and even trends. You can then follow these conversations and share any information that you find interesting.

Another strategy for staying on top of the most popular trending topics on Facebook and Twitter is by following along with many other individuals and brands. Brandwatch is an excellent resource for finding influencers in your field of business. This brandwatch allows you to identify many other businesses who are using influencers to promote their business. With this resource, you can also learn about the conversations happening in your industry as well as learn more about your competitors.

As more businesses utilize social media to connect with their consumers, it’s crucial that you stay on top of the most popular trends to keep your business on top. By keeping an eye on the most popular twitter and Facebook pages, you can also find other businesses who are using influencers to build their brand. Additionally, monitoring trending keywords on these social media sites will help you build websites and online campaigns that are relevant to your business’ industry.

Overall, the most successful strategies for trending your industry on Facebook and twitter involve participating in conversations within your industry. Make sure you have an active engagement strategy in place that encourages interaction and allows you to easily track trending topics. In particular, make sure you are following the conversations going on in your industry. If you don’t engage, no one else will. In the end, creating an active, engaging presence will ensure you’re in the loop and help you monitor trends in real time.