So you have decided to make a movie on the big screen and need some ideas. Where should you look? What are the best places to look? There are many places to go for ideas online, but here are some suggestions. Use your keywords, or even search using certain titles, actors, genres etc to find great movies to watch.


Search for specific studios or producers of movies. You can find their websites via a simple Google search. Look up specific producers and studios that you enjoy viewing. Many of these studios/producers become famous through the years, and they tend to release new movies often. Become a fan and see what new releases they have available. Some of these studios may also be on streaming services that you can find via websites.

Go to the theater and watch the latest films on the big screen. Theaters tend to carry a variety of popular motion pictures, along with a few independent films. Watch a few of these popular films on a wide screen to get a feel for the type of picture you want to see. Many movie theaters also offer a selection of popular TV shows, including popular cable channels, movie channels and movie download services. Some of the most popular films and TV shows throughout the year are also available in the theater and have home entertainment release dates posted.

Theatrical films are available in two forms: 35mm film and digital motion picture. Both use cameras and special effects to tell stories through still shots. 35mm films are generally more expensive than the digital types, but are well worth the cost. You can tell stories quickly and easily with 35mm. Often, the only time you will notice the difference is when someone is actually walking into the frame while it is being shown!

You can purchase film stock and use it to make a moving picture. Whether you are interested in short video clips or an hour-long feature, filmmaking has come a long way and now you can create your own movie out of just about anything. A simple story in a small package can be turned into the next big project, or even a simple, entertaining documentary. Many people in the industry to make a living using their creative skills to tell stories that other people will want to see. With an interest and some equipment, anyone can create their own movie.

Movies can be made from home, on location or both. Filmmakers who want to make larger, more expensive movies often use a crew to help complete their project. If you are looking for a way to tell stories, a filmmaker might be the perfect option for you. Most movie studios require you to submit a movie proposal, so that they can evaluate your story. They will look at your film stock, your talent and any other resources that will help them determine whether or not you are a good fit for their project. Most movie studios will want you to send them three to four completed projects to get their interest in you.