A movie, also known as a movie trailer, short movie, video, or digital movie, is a carefully planned work of visually art intended to simulate realistic experiences which communicate messages, themes, emotions, experiences, beauty, or environment through the utilization of moving pictures. Movie trailer uses powerful imagination and originality to tell a story in a new way. Movie Trailer Art forms an integral part of advertising media for the development of a movie. It helps achieve the intended goals of the filmmakers.


The early days of cinema included silent movies or early movies as they were popularly called. The term “cinema” was derived from the Greek word which meant “action.” The motion picture industry evolved through the years with the support of state-funded and private films supported by promoters of arts. These early films had very few effects and were produced on small-budget. These early films were made to provide cheap entertainment for the people.

The motion picture industry changed with the growth of mass-culture and the acceptance of the “talkie” as the medium of communication. The “talkies” offered sound and images with a picture and sound track which could be transmitted through airwaves. The dawn of the modern cinema was ushered by the birth of the first two big film genres: The Comedy Movie and the Horror Movie. The Comedy Movie was a talky, spoof type of cinema and the horror movie was mainly based on blood and horror stories.

The dawn of the new century saw the coming of the three big movie genres which are the Romance, the Drama and the Action genre. This was accompanied by the introduction of new movie formats like the Specialty genres which were targeted at specific groups. The romance genre revolved around stories of love and romance like The Rose and The Wedding. These romantic stories tell stories of passion whereas the Drama genre told stories of intense action or battle. The action movies were mostly about war and there were only a few which showed characters from other genres. The third genre introduced an all new look to the medium of cinema and that was the Science Fiction genre which gave filmmakers a chance to create movies around things like aliens, time travel and the likes.

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