Understanding The Basics Of Trending Content

Twitter is used for so many things these days it has become hard to keep up. From finding out what the latest celebrity gossip is to following the latest airport delays. If you are interested in using Twitter for business then the first step is to sign up for a free account. Once you have done this then you will be able to send out 140 character messages. The messages that you send out from your Twitter account are called “Tweets”.

On Twitter, simply a word, term, or subject which is being talked about at a higher rate than others is deemed a trending topic or just a trending topic. These topics become popular due either to an occurrence which prompts people to discuss such a topic or due to a concerted effort by online users. Examples of trending topics on twitter could be; the recent Apple iPad, the new iPhone, the new MacBook and so on. Trending topics also dictate what the media is talking about which in turn may influence what products people may want to buy.

Google Trends can be helpful in knowing what the public’s interest is when it comes to particular topics. You can get information such as; search engine traffic, searches related to that subject, and Google’s overall daily search volume. Google Trends shows the trends of certain keywords throughout the internet. You can find out which keywords are receiving more traffic over time. You can also see which keywords are not getting much attention.

A more recent way to monitor trending topics is with social media monitoring tools. Some tools on sites like Facebook allow you to view what people are talking about in your industry and across the board. Tweetdeck even allows you to see real-time conversations taking place on the social network. Not only do these tools provide interesting trending topics but they also give insight into how people engage with one another.

Another way to monitor trending topics is to watch out for YouTube videos. Search YouTube for specific keywords and then see what videos appear on the first page. See what other people are commenting on and add that video to your list of trending topics. Be careful when looking at YouTube because you have to use your best judgment. Go with what seems to make sense and you won’t mess up.

Trending topics are important to everyone involved in online marketing and sales. If a trend becomes a trend, it becomes something that everyone else turns to for information. The best way to deal with a trending topic is to deal with it early. If you can catch it early you can help establish a trend and keep others from jumping on that bandwagon before you have a chance to.